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Icetool snus can for snuffbox? What do you think?

AamonAamon Member
edited October 2016 in Snuff Accessories
Now that Ive finally figured out how to start a new thread, I wanted to get your thoughts on a possible new snuff tin with potential.
I have been thinking about purchasing the Icetool snus can as a new stylish snuff box. This Tin has a primary compartment and a catch lid which I was thinking could potentially be used to store 2 types of snuff together at once. This tin comes in a vast range of colors and different types. This is the tin in question


  • AamonAamon Member
    edited October 2016 PM
    This site is actually cheaper than buying from the supplier directly. And there is a youtube review below so you can check out the tin in more detail.
  • Not a bad idea. Although the catch lid will likely be loose enough to not allow use as a snuff holder. The Icetool can should be as tight as a ,say, Wilson's tin. Some leakage but not obnoxious. I would avoid the thin/mini cans. They have a lip inside that would collect snuff and are not deep enough to allow a good pinch. 
  • @bigmick I plan to use the box as a day to day snuff box, I typically go through my snuffs in my boxes before they have a chance to dry out too much. I was thinking if the top doesn't seal as well as the bottom compartment I could just chuck a rubber band around the top which would sit in the two grooves used to open the tin. I'm just looking for a reasonable priced stylish portable snuff tin which I could use everyday which isn't an antique.
  • Sounds like a plan. Grab one and let us know how it works out. being one of those with a limited budget, I just reuse Toque tins. lol
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