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Snuff rehydration via Hydrostone?

Hi I have a question about snuff hydration using cigar and tobacco Hydrostones or similar products. Would these types of products used to keep cigars fresh help rehydrate dried out snuff. I've been wondering at what humidity snuff will begin to rehydrate, and whether I could keep my snuffs fresh and hydrated with this product without using distilled water vapor.
This is the product I am talking about and would like to hear about your experiences or opinions on this matter?


  • UbiquitousUbiquitous Member
    edited October 2016 PM
    Just put the snuff in Tupperware container with a small bowl of distilled water. You could even heat the water up and rehydrate it with steam if you'd like.
  • edited October 2016 PM
    That is just a leaf shaped piece of clay. Yes the same material as clay pots. And you have to wet them with distilled water. 
     Air tight glass jars keep snuff fresh and you should have no need to hydrate unless you like your snuff with extra moisture.
     Tobacco will take moisture right out of the air in humid conditions. There are many ways to hydrate snuff;

    I be concerned about keeping a stone in my snuff: it may create an environment to grow mold. Overnight is long enough.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • The humidity you keep cigars at is too much humidity for snuff. Both posts above mine are useful.
  • tboyertboyer Member
    edited October 2016 PM
    I would think it would work. I my self hydrate scotches, but one or two nights should be enough otherwise the snuff will be too moist. Some times if my snuff in a snuffbox becomes a bit too dry, I put my open snuff box in a jar with a pit of damp cloth overnight, otherwise my snuff is stored in airtight containers
  • @basement_shaman that's a good point, I didn't know you had to soak these in distilled water anyway, I did not really think about the stone coming into contact with the snuff causing mold.
    @Ubiquitous that is the method I use at the moment, I have never heated the distilled water since I was always concerned about it becoming superheated and exploding in my face.
    I don't know how to find this out but I've always been intrigued at what percentage humidity will dry a snuff out vs rehydrate, I guess the sealed Tupperware container would become close to 100% humidity within a day or so.
  • @Aamon Here's how I rehydrate, and why.

    Rehydrate in small quantities - only enough for one or two days at a time. No point in hydrating more, as it will be dry again before you use it.

    Get a tupperware box, and place your open snuffbox at one end, and a damp, loosely crumpled tissue at the other. Seal the box and leave overnight. The tissue leads to quicker evaporation than a bowl would, due to the higher surface area. This overnight treatment will be plenty for all but the coarsest of snuffs.

    The coarser snuffs may take up to 48 hours if completely dry. Change the tissue daily. Note, the act of evaporation and absorption renders using distilled water pointless. Water that's good enough to drink is good enough for this.
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