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What would last you longer, a gram of snuff, rolling tobacco or chew?

I'm having issues importing snuff at the moment and was wondering which of the above would last you the longest??


  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    One gram of snuff is more than one gram of snus.
  • Snuff lasts me quite a bit longer than any other form of tobacco.
  • Definitely snuff for me.
  • Snuff for me too. I've never had chew, but I know I'd obliterate a gram of rolling tobacco in two fell swooping cigarettes.
  • Defo snuff. I chew way more in one hit that I snuff.
  • What I smoked in roll ups in a day, would last me the best part of a week in snuff
  • It's got to be snuff ... one smoke in a pipe is about 3 grams.  
  • dnichldnichl Member
    edited October 2016 PM
    well lets just say someone who isn't me; an experiment emptied out two cigarettes (~1.6g) , dried it, ground it, added sodium carbonate, let it sit for a couple days and then proceeded to use it as his snuff. 

    it lasted about 3 days with moderate use,
  • Thanks guys, the reason I was mainly asking is because all of my last orders have been stopped by Australian customs with $763.2 per Kg plus 10% GST in tax, the price for snuff works out at $1.33 per gram with Golden Virginia (basically Premium rolling tobacco in Australia) also at a price of $1.33 per gram for a 30g pouch.
    I'm very happy to know that I don't have to get back on the cigarettes because of money issues at the moment, even if I do pay the ridiculous tax ill still be a lot better off.
  • dnichldnichl Member
    edited October 2016 PM
    after replying to this topic i decided to see how much i could get

    pictured is the amount of snuff from 4 cigarettes in a 10g toque tin plus leftovers in background
  • Snuff will last the longest when compared by weight. Rolling tobacco requires at least 2 grams to roll a cigarette, whereas 2 grams of snuff can get you through the day.

    Chewing tobacco... I don't know where you're living, but in the States, the typical chewing tobacco portion is much larger than a few grams. I love the rough cut stuff like Redman and Levi Garret, and I stuff my cheek like a chipmunk with it.
  • @Aamon Snuff will last the longest. If I were you I would try some pipe tobacco if you can get your hands on some as some of the pipe tobaccos make great snuffs , not all mind you but some , OJK & Carter Hall mix makes a great snuff if you can get your hands on some. G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • @Ubiquitous In Australia our rolling tobacco papers are measured in cm and not inches so they are around 5-10mm shorter, the width of our papers are also much less. 4 Grams of Golden Virginia will roll into about 8 Aussy rollies although when I get my hands on American papers I can easily double the amount of tobacco without having to smoke a couple of ours instead. 4 Grams of Toque Quit will last me about a day equivalent to about 8-12 grams rolling tobacco. Unfortunately we don't get chewing tobacco in Australia so that's one of those internet products, I threw that in there since I do not know much about chew I just wanted to keep my options open if I couldn't afford the tax on snuff.
    @TigerJackshere we do get some pipe tobaccos in Australia like Dr. Pats, we have a very limited range of pipe tobacco from general stores and still not a huge range from tobacconists, a small tin of Dr. Pats will set you back $60-$80.

  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    For me I would go with the gram of Snuff :-c
  • No competition. As above.
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