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lorillard snuff

continuing down the scotch trail! Am making my way through a can of Square. So far the boldest scotch I have tried.Very campfire,smokey! I ran across some Lorillards today,another Swisher I think? Is it going to be similar to Square or?This shop also has some Ralphs which I haven't ran across before.thanks in advance


  • @chad13, Ralph's is nice...little smoke and almost a bit spicy...
    What Lorillards did you find? I have some 50 year old maccaboy style. i like it.
  • @jmashes I read that Ralphs is kind of unique as far as scotches go,different? The Lorillards I found just has that name on it.plain white can with black letters.i think like most of the Swisher snuffs there was also a sweet?
  • @chad13, yeah Ralph's is a unique scotch. If you have access definitely get a big can.
    I think you're right, Lorillards comes in a sweet variety as well but not all of hem are sweet
  • I've only ever had Lorillards sweet scotch. It's very sweet and creamy with no smoke aroma at all. After a bit in the nose it has a little damp earth note as well
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    edited October 2016 PM
    If anyone can get me some Lorillards sweet scotch send me a message.And we can work out something like a trade etc..just lmk what u would like to try. I've been looking hard for that snuff.
    I would greatly appreciate it if someone can find a small tin/bottle.

    Peace and mahalos,

  • I have a really old tin of Lorrilard Sweet, it's nothing special. It's nice, but nothing to write home about. Compared to Garrett or Tube Rose, or Navy or Honey Bee, it's just okay. Not bad, but I wouldn't get again unless it was the only snuff available. It does it's job.
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