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Dholakia Herbal is offering Samples for Video Review on our Youtube Channel

Dholakia Herbal is offering Free Samples for video review on our Youtube Channel


  • Please mention your preferred flavors from below List all our Herbal Snuff are made from Traditional Ayurveda Herb Recipe.

    Dholakia Herbal Original
    Dholakia Herbal Indian Rose
    Dholakia Herbal Mango Masala
    Dholakia Herbal Absinthe
    Dholakia Herbal Pan Masala
    Dholakia Herbal Lychee
    Dholakia Herbal Cherry
    Dholakia Herbal Apricot
    Dholakia Herbal Blueberry
    Dholakia Herbal Flower Power

    Please email your details or message me on

    Manit Joshi
  • What exactly is required for this? I'm always down to try some new snuff. Would someone just need to record a review and then send it in?
  • Any Energy herbals up for a sample?
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    I have the Dholakia non-tobacco snuff.Lychee scented.I'm willing to do a small trade or something for a sample.Also I have Dholakia green if u wanna sample that.just hit me up
  • @Ubiquitous First of all please email your full address details with contact on or message me on Snuffhouse or Facebook.We will send you sample of our products for review which you can either write here or post on youtube or facebook

    Aamon Yes, we are giving Herbal Energy snuff with 10 different flavors choose anyone that you would like to review.
  • I just got a sample of the absinthe and I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised. I Normally don't like herbal snuff but this is just lovely. A light hint of menthol that compliments the absinthe beautifully. I may order this to use as a mixer for plain tobacco snuffs. :)
  • Received NT herbal Apricot sample today from @Manit_Joshi. This will be a love or hate before I finish the 10gr. But I know this is one to have in the " bug- out-bag".! Good snuff for tonight for sure. Will give it a fair shake down and opinions as I get use to it.
  • Just tried the Flower Power herbal. Very very nice. The menthol is warming, not like an arctic blast. The flower essences are great. Has a very natural aroma and the right amount of staying power. Definitely not cloying or over bearing. Great snuff, almost forget there's no tobacco
  • Thanks for the reviews I am looking forward for more reviews on different flavors.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Ok, I have delayed this review for too long already.

    I have tried the absinthe-scented one.
    It smells a lot like underberg and has some hints of jagermeister (the german drinks).

    The smell that reminds me of underberg can most accurately be described as some herbalish menthol. Not overpowering menthol, oh no, not at all, just a menthol that compliments the strong herb-smell. Im afraid its impossible for me to describe the herbal smell, but for those of you who have ever had a bottle of underberg, you know what Im talking about.
    The jagerish smell is a lot like licorice, not bitter, quite sweet and delicious actually.
    The snuff seems to be quite fine, but also moist, so its easy to take. For those who dont care about nic, but enjoy a refreshing smell, you should definately try this.
    Oh, and Im not sure about the energy in this snuff, but I, for one, didnt get a caffeime-kick or anything.
    I am, however, curious what energy-giving herbs are used in this snuff. Are you willing to disclose, @Manit_Joshi ?

    All in all its a great herbal though!
  • @Rogue Thanks for the Review on Dholakia Herbal

    Dholakia Herbal Snuff gives quick boost to your tired nerves with one small sniff.

    Perfect Snuff to cure calmness & relaxation to your entire body.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Ah, so its the same as the original herbal, yeah?
  • Hi, ""Mango Masala"" First off a very Lovely snuff, very light Menthol with a really nice mango fruity flavor , I never even considered the ideal of a herbal snuff, but this is a very nice snuff that anyone would enjoy.Give it a go guys!!   G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @TigerJackshere More details pl0x! What does it smell like?
  • It smells like mango and menthol
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
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