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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

Commonwealth Mixture and Golden Glow discontinued

Exactly as the title says, it looks like these two tobaccos have bit the dust. Black Swanne has listed them as disco'd by SG. If these are in your list of favourite pipe tobaccos, start going through your suppliers and grab what you can. I noticed Mick McQuaid Plug and Barneys Punchbowle has gone too, but these might already be common knowledge. MM Plug might only be the UK that's affected - I wasn't entirely sure from the way it was written


  • Well first before panic. I would highly recomend contact SG directly via email. Black Swan Shoppe is not everytime most reliable source of informations (IMO). MM Plug and Barneys Punchbowle are now made by MacBaren and they have pretty odd policies about minum orders (like 1k packets @ 40g for each kind).
  • @50ft_trad P&C Still has both listed and not showing discontinued, I know that doesn't really mean anything.
  • Just relaying what I saw guys :) Their account was that Golden Glow has just been withdrawn, whereas Commonwealth Mixture was to do with difficulties obtaining one of the ingredients..... so maybe that'll make a reappearance at some point in the future.
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