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I have never tried a scotch snuff, and was wondering how they compare to Dholakia Sparrow and Kamal?

AamonAamon Member
edited October 2016 in Snufftaking
I am still having issues enjoying some of the finer dryer snuffs, and was wondering how a dry toast or scotch would compare to Dholakia Sparrow and Kamal? These are some of the few snuff I have left before my next order appears and am having issues snuffing these with enjoyment. I do have a range of Poschl and Wilsons of Sharrow snuffs although these do not satisfy my cigarette cravings, I also have some 50 grams of Rustica as well. I enjoy the vitamin N content in the McChrystals range although the Poschl and Wilsons of Sharrow is defiantly lacking. Any ideas on how to make these Dholakia snuffs easier to take without reducing the Nicotine too much, or a good ratio of Rustica to Poschl or Wilsons of Sharrow to get it to McC's strength?


  • Some people hydrate the really fine dry snuffs a bit. There are a lot of similarities with Sparrow and a dry toast and a scotch, but a good toast (HDT) is made out of better tobacco. Sparrow not bad, though.
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