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How much can you snuff

How many grams per day can you use of strong snuff?


  • The more tolerance your body has for nicotine, the more you can snuff. Historically there were people who could take in 25 grams or more per day with no ill effects.

  • I haven't measured it, but I'd say I average 2 grams daily. If I'm drinking, it's a whole different story.
  • I usually do about a gram of snuff a day... though sometimes I will go for a few days without any tobacco, and on a hard partying weekend I've been known to kill a large Toque tin in one weekend.
  • I would estimate about 5 gr average.
    It used to take me about 3 months to kill 150gr of White Elephant now a bit over a month. And that's just WE. I use many different sorts throughout the week
  • I honestly don't know. My average is pretty low though. Some days I don't snuff at all and other days I go at it consistently.
    @cpmcdill- holy crap, 25 grams? I can't even imagine downing a 25g tin a day. If I may ask, I'd like to see those documents or whatever.
  • @Psicko - There were some articles over the years in The Snuff Takers Ephemeris about historic snuff users, often describing just how copious their intake was. Not sure if there are any copies of these magazines online, but they do show up sometimes on ebay.

    Most of what I know I know is assorted trivia picked up from browsing countless books and/or articles about tobacco. So it's hard to recollect where specific details originate from. The Internet Archive has a lot of historical works on tobacco, including snuff, free to view, and you might find some of this information there, for example:

    Also, check here:

    And this Polish site which has a list of pdfs in English as well:

  • Cool. Thanks. I'll check it out.
  • I'll save this for reference thanks
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  • He gonna OD
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    It would be pretty easy to get through 25g of schmalzler in a day - although I seem to end up wearing as much as I get up my nose. That and the epic drip is why I don't use it in public!
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  • Snuff championship.

  • I'd probably go through maybe 2-5g of Viking brown or Thors hammer a day.
  • I have never weighed it to be sure but I know I use at least 5 grams a day or more as I can empty one of the small wos tins in a day without any trouble and sometimes more. G'Day
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  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
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    I probably use around like 2to4grams daily at the most.But on rare occasions I can do more expecially when I'm stressing out b-(
  • I probably use 2 grams for day . Sometimes less , sometimes more :)
  • 5g per day very consistently. I have tried to reduce this amount simply because I noticed that when snuffing less, the satisfaction from single pinches is higher when pinching more seldom. But it is impossible as one pinch is so diminishing amount that postponing a pinch does not feel like saving anything. So I am stuck at 5g :)
  • @lunecat were you facebook stalking me to find that photo? 
  • I take tiny amounts compared to most, I guess. about a gram every three/four days. Never dipped/chewed/smoked cigarettes though, only pipes and cigars (never inhaled) prior to nasal snuff, so I suspect that effects things a bit, having a very moderate approach to tobacco in general.
  • It takes me 4 to 7 days to go through 10 grams. Like everyone else, when drinking that goes up dramatically.
  • @aguineapig, I'm right there with you. I have the same tobacco background as you.
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    8-10g daily some days more depending on time and stress.
  • I use a gram a day I guess with most, but with my favorites it goes up to 2-3 grams a day. 
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