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Anyone else a secret snuffer?

No one I know knows that I snuff tobacco. Not because I'm embarrassed to say, but I just haven't been bothered to engage in the conversation explaining why.

How many of you out there are secret snuffers? I like it in a way as it's the "thing I do" without anyone chipping in their thoughts.


  • nope out and open about the snuffing over here.
  • ...I just keep snuff for a friend
  • I never admit it. If anyone asks, I just tell them it's cocaine.
  • Only a few people know.
  • @JakartaBoy, hahaha almost fell off my chair reading that
  • PsickoPsicko Member
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    The only place I'm a secret snuffer is at work as I work in a hospital that is tobacco free. Some of my coworkers know that I snuff, bok out as far as they know, I don't snuff at work. At my other job people know that I snuff. I snuff openly out in public.
    It did take awhile to tell my wife. She is used to my eclectic hobbies and habits.
  • The two people at work that knew of my snuffing have left , so I guess it's kinda secret that I snuff now. Funny thing though, I have snuffed right in front of people that didn't even notice what the hell I was doing. So maybe I'm not a secret sniffer as much as a stealth sniffer ;-)
  • @jmahes, I'm right there with you. I've openny snuffed right in front of people, they either didn't see it or they pretended to ignore the fact that I'm sniffing stuff up my nose. Not sure which one.
  • I'm a bit in the middle. Friends know (most of them) but my family doesn't... My colleague's at work know but I never sniff snuff in public.
  • Everyone knows at the office because I start waiting at the door like a puppy 1.5 weeks after I make my order.  I don't "tell" people, but I won't hide it.  I might pull out my tin at a bar or on the dinner table if I'm liking my drink.  

    I was waiting in the bathroom line at a bar on Saturday so I pulled some out.  A hipster behind said he'd like to try it.  I told him how to do it but he didn't listen...took it like a rail straight up.  I could see him holding back the tears.
  • ^ they never listen, no matter how much you emphasize to GENTLY sniff it they just snort it right back like cocaine. 8-|
  • I don't telegraph it, but I don't hide it either, and several folks know I use it. I don't often snuff in public. It has gotten a few wierd looks at times, but that doesn't phase me :)
  • I have to kind of hide it here in Aus, my family and close friends know that I snuff although at work I have to be very careful and go to the restroom like a coke head and snuff once an hour. If someone in management saw you do it at work or catch wind of you sniffing a mysterious powder here you'd probably be drug tested every other week. So since medicinal cannabis isn't legal yet i'd be getting in trouble :P
  • I'm as open as can be about using snuff.

    I snuff in front of the bosses, other employees, customers, and strangers while out and about.  I snuff in bars, restaurants, during elevator rides, etc.  It's fun to snuff in an elevator while surrounded by strangers trying to pretend they don't see me... hehe.

  • @moemojo. I do the same thing, except at work where tobacco use is prohibited on campus. In public, I'll even look someone in the eye as I snuff to see what their reaction is. mostly they look around nervously and pretend they didn't see me. A few have asked, and I've told them what it was. Most either don't see me snuff, or think that I'm doing coke and pretend they don't see me.
  • No I don't do snuff in secret. Why would I ?  I don't make a spectacle while doing snuff but everyone I know even family has seen me use snuff. And the world has a good idea that I enjoy snuff.  I offer it to smokers or anyone if I am getting a pinch for myself. It just a polite thing to do and it often starts a dialog. Snuff is a way of  life.
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  • I wouldn't say so much secret I have my friends who sometimes partake or just accept it, but with family they think it's "fucking weird and gross" as my sister put it. Just switched companies so I'll give them all time to know me before I come out of the snuff closet at my workbench
  • @Benner Just the opposite I classify myself as a "terces" $nuffer! I do not hide what I like in l life.
  • I think common sense is required about using tobacco snuff in public.

    I read a few years ago about a chap from England sitting with his family in a foreign airport, in hotter climes.

    He openly whipped out his tin of snuff and indulged in a few pinches.

    The security staff thought he was on some sort of drug and pounced on him.

    Apparently it took some explaining that it was a relatively harmless tobacco product.

    He could have really found himself in hot water in some less informed draconian countries.

  • I'm with Lunecat, Out & open about it!!! After all I am a grown man & need no ones approval. The more they see it used, the more it will be excepted!!!!!! Remember that.  G'Day Gents
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  • Great thread. For about the first year, no one knew. One day my wife noticed--"Are you taking SNUFF!?". Me "yes". She "you'll rot your nose out". That was the end of the discussion. Other than at work, where tobacco is illegal, I snuff whenever I feel like. If bystanders don't like it, too bad for them.
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  • Nah. I got strange looks from friends and family for a while, now it's just normal. They rarely even mention it now. My mother still tells me I'm crazy though...
  • I don't make a spectacle of snuff taking but I don't hide it either. I take snuff around the house with my family and at work around my coworkers. I have no issues taking snuff in public as I've found that most people can't see past their various bits of technofetishism to the world actually taking place around them. And if someone does happen to notice it doesn't bother me. I just take out my box and take my pinch as if everything is normal, precisely because (for me anyway) it is normal. As Adam Savage so eloquently put it, "I reject your reality and substitute my own."
  • My girlfriend objected to the frequency of my cigar smoking, so our compromise was I snuff behind her back. She thought I cut down the stogies for her too! I'm glad it happened, as my taste in cigars is higher than my income. Made the most of a bad thing and it was a win-win. Nobody at work knows I hit the snuff bullet now and then either, and why tell them? Definitely not ashamed of my secret source aromatic nicotine bliss. Just wish I personally knew some fellow snuffers.
  • I'm in the open with my snuff use.

    I consider myself a snuff disciple of sorts. When people ask, I tell them how much safer it is and mention that I used snuff to quit cigarettes. I always offer them a pinch.

    There are a lot of "dippers" in my area. The Skoal and Copenhagen users. They find it odd I put the tobacco in my nose instead of in my cheek as they do.
  • edited January 2017 PM
    You could give them a history lesson about how their moist snuff evolved from our dry snuff.
  • I work in a strict "no tobacco" environment so naturally my coworkers have no idea I'm snuffing throughout the day.
  • For those of us who have restricted access to snuff during the day/night due to work etc, how do you cope? Do you abstain? Use something else? At times I have to travel with colleagues or go to long meetings and struggle to be honest. I usually resort to nicotine gum or similar. I have used SNUS in the past but it tends to give me a sore throat. Sometimes when I buy gum I get stuck on it for days before finding my way back to snuff. Defies logic because I love snuff for more than just the nic but gum (for me) is more immediate. I can easily use 24 pieces of 2mg gum a day but only about 5mg ish of snuff.
  • I am open at work, but as yet I have not told my wife - she doesn't like my smoking cigars or pipes too often (the former being very seldom, the latter maybe once or twice a week) so I she might take some convincing about the lower health risks.

    As for coping, I am not at a stage where I HAVE to snuff.  I can imagine getting there, though.  I usually only pinch in the afternoons and evenings (evenings when my wife is not there!) but on days when I can't do so for one reason or another, I find that I do have a greater urge to pinch the following day.  Not sure if that is addiction from the snuff itself or more just the habit though
  • I find you have a similar addiction to me. I can go days sometime weeks or even months without using snuff. But sometimes I crave it every couple hours.
    I am pretty shurel it is all 95% mental and 10% fiscal. If that makes scenes!?

    I truly believe it's 100% mood.
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