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Are the big smashboxes appropriate for storage?

Hello all.  I used to use snuff about 10 years ago then stopped.  Recently ordered some more and remembered how much I enjoyed it.

Now I'm looking to order one I remember I used to love, and that's Poschl's Sudfrucht.  However, it only comes in bags which are not resealable.  Back in the day, I never used one up before it got dry.

Are the big (25g) smash boxes available via snuffstore appropriate for storing snuff?  Are they air tight?  Would they keep it most?  

If not, what about the metal screw-top jars they sell?  Are they any better?  What if I used one of those and sealed it with tape?



  • It all depends low long you want to store it. If you're only a very occasional user, it might be worth getting a few small containers rather than one large one to reduce exposure. Keep the ones you're not using refrigerated. Either that or one small smashbox to carry and use, and something like a recycled baby food jar kept in the fridge which you use to top up the smashbox
  • tboyertboyer Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    In my experience the 25g smash boxes are not appropriate for snuff storage for more than three or four weeks.
    Plastic is still air permeable, or at least the plastic in smash boxes 
  • What about the Univac Vacuum Jars they sell on MrSnuff, do you think those would be keep well?
  • moemojomoemojo Member
    edited November 2016 PM

    I use mason jars.  I use them for all tobacco storage/aging. Pipe tobacco, snuff, homemade snus, etc... I keep all tobacco in mason jars.

    Aamon, yer an Aussie, right?  In America I'd tell ya to go to Walmart and pick up a few flats of mason jars cheap.  I suggest ya talk to a family member, or neighbor with a BIG garden.  They will know where to buy canning supplies.

  • @moemojo homemade snus?
  • It's easy to make with a crock-pot modified with a temperature controller.

    I've only learned how a few weeks ago, and have only two batches under my belt as yet.  The first batch I added some Tonquin to 'cause a friend that taught me to make it said it would be good.  I can't stand it... I gave the first batch to him.  The second batch is just straight tobacco.  It definitely still needs some age, but after two weeks I like it better than anything I bought at a store.

  • @moemojo Yeah that's right from Aus, we do get some mason Jars over here although the vast majority of suitable Jars are far too big, the small jars don't seal air tight. Ive had some herbs curing in the smaller ones and when I've opened them 6-12 months later the herb is dry to the bone. I'm contemplating buying a few of these smaller amber glass jars used to store perfume concretes and resins, I have stored Labdanum in these for many years without issue so might give them a shot, they also look pretty cool kind of like Sir Walter Scotts Latakia blend snuff they sell on MrSnuff.
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