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SG Black Rappee vs. Scotch Black

Does anyone know the difference between these two?  I'm looking to put together an order and am trying to decide.

I love their Kendal Brown and I'm looking for something with a similar coarseness and moisture level, and absolutely no perfume.  Sounds like they both might fit the bill?


  • Grab a tin of Viking Brown - same manufacturer but different brand. If you want something slightly coarser, try to grab some SG London Brown. They are both fine "bases" for mixing with too. I like adding some Celtic Talisman or Firedance. GH Cherry works well with the VB, as does many of the F&T such as Bordeaux and Seville

    I believe that the Scotch Black and Black Rappee are essentially the same as each other, but are a darker leaf than the "browns" hence them being called black ;) Both fine snuffs in their own right, and well worth a try, but not what you're currently asking for.
  • Which SG KB are you referring? Plain, Special or Original? SG Kendal Brown Original is my desert island snuff. You'll never find me without a FlickBOX of it in my pocket. Like you i prefer tobacco-centric snuffs. 

    Black Rappee is much coarser than Kendal Brown, it's almost as coarse as Los snus. It's difficult to keep in those nose so it tends to be a bit messy so this one tends to be used at home or when outdoors. However the scent is wonderful. Full of barnyard scents that linger for a long time. 

    I'm not familiar with Scotch Black it'll be on a future order of mine.

    Other plain tobaccos to consider: 

    Viking Brown as previously mentioned, but also try Viking Dark  it has a similar grind and moisture to KBbut the scents is something all it's own. Dark in particular is also a daily snuff or me. There's a nice warm bakery like scent to it and boy does it pack the vitamin N.

    Gawith and Hoggarth Kendal Brown - Similar to SG KB offering but certainly different in admirable ways.

    SG Kendal Brown Special and Original - Original has all the underlying tobacco qualities of a Kendal but adds in a citrus (bergamot and orange) that feels fresh in the nose. Special has less smoke, and little to none of the citrus of Original but boasts a subtle complexity of natural scents that I've never been able to identify, i want to say there is a very very slight bit of a floral quality to it, but think more "green bush with tiny flowers" where you smell as much of the bark and foliage as you do the blooms. 

  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited October 2016 PM
    SG does make a Kendal Brown Plain which is unscented and is identical to Viking Brown
  • smmsmm Member
    edited October 2016 PM
    Thanks for the recommendations all.  I went ahead and just ordered both. :)  I'll report back here with my notes.

    Sounds like I also need to try the Viking ones. (Think I read that the SG "silky something something" is the very same as the Viking Brown?)

    @Noisebox The KB I like just says "KENDAL BROWN" on the package, no "Original" or "Plain" or "Special".  Do you know which one it is?
  • Silky Dark is the same as Viking Dark
  • So here's an update, and my take on the difference between the SG Black Rappee and Scotch Black.

    Both of these are black, moist, and smell like unscented tobacco.  The black rappee is coarser than the scotch black.  The black rappee will feel a bit rougher in the schnoz, and some will fall out when taking a pinch.  The scotch black is easier to take and feels a bit softer up there.

    Also, I have the feeling that the scotch black packs more of a nicotine wallop than the black rappee.  After a few pinches, my head is throbbing and I feel a bit woozy.  To be honest, I think this one is too strong for me, not that it matters much since it looks like it's been discontinued anyway.

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