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Warming of Viking Brown and Viking Thors Hammer?

Does anybody notice the significant difference with taking these snuffs cold? Recently I've been rocking out these two awesome snuffs from the Viking range and was first taking a pinch straight out of the tin, very nice, although as soon as I started warming these snuffs between my fingers for awhile these snuffs take on a whole different complex composition. I understand though my snuffing experience doing this will quite oftenly bring out more of the flavours and dormant scents although with these two snuffs warming takes these snuffs up quite a few notches. I haven't experienced such a large change with any other snuffs besides these two.
Anyway this got me wondering does heating any other snuffs magically change the composition as much as these two?


  • I had been recommended by Abraxas to warm the pinch between the fingers with all his snuff. So this practice is nothing new. I keep bagels in the fridge to extend their freshness I will heat them in a oven and they get softer and taste better. Too much heat and they get dry and hard. 

    The heating of snuff between the fingers also pick up moisture and swells the tobacco flour a small amount. you can also exhale warm breath on the pinch just prior to snuffing and it makes the snuff that much more enjoyable.

     It is not magic it is science. Everything is made of atoms the warming speeds up the atoms and your nose notices the difference. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • The warmth helps to release the aromatic oils, this is true for both plain and flavored snuffs.
  • I always unintentionally warm snuffs. I take a pinch and hold it, close the container, return it to the pocket, bag, or wherever it lives (a habit from the early days of snuffing, to avoid coughing or sneezing in it), retrieve my handkerchief from my back pocket in readiness, and then get myself into a position where I'm not going to get snuff all down my front.

    Those few seconds of delay from pinch to snuff, tend to be plenty for a pocket temperature or room temperature snuff. If it's come from the fridge (which is uncommon for me), or from a bag in cold weather, I may hold on to it a few seconds longer on purpose - but generally my snuff is at a reasonable temperature before I even take the pinch.
  • it also keeps the snuff from going down ones throat.
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