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Are the any secret snuff recruiters out there?

At the moment I'm slowly turning my smoking work mates over to snuff, also all of my friends love it. Occasionally when mates are having a smoke in the beer garden, I sometime flaunt my snuffing as a conversation piece and try to advocate and preach for the all mighty snuff.
Is anybody else a promoter when the opportunity presents itself?


  • Yes. To cigarette smokers.
  • Keep up the good work Ambassadors!   \:D/

    I've gotten a couple of pipe smokers to try it and most have really liked it.

  • jmahesjmahes Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    I try. I made a convert out of a friend who dips and smokes cigars. Funny thing, he liked the aroma of Sir Walter Scotts Havana Toast the best but took him awhile to learn how to snuff it without sneezing fits :-)
  • I converted my neighbor a few weeks ago. He's still smoking, but he always has some snuff with him.
  • edited November 2016 PM
    It's annoying turn people on and they look at me like I am their snuff daddy. I've given away samples and converted a few. added extras to my orders for those who don't trust CC info over the internet. And some just refuse to try snuff because of former drug abuse and are content on inhaling poisonous cigarette smoke even though I explain the harm reduction of  noncombustible snuff .

     My brother in-law asked why do I use snuff, Does it get you high he asks. I said does something have to get you high to use it? I told him it's just another experience to make life enjoyable; sure you can encounter a nicotine rush if your tolerance is low. And it opens up pleasure receptors in your brain that makes people ,situations, and unpleasant things much more tolerable. He claims tobacco is stupid but there is scientific facts that show tobacco makes you think better and makes you more productive . It is good to arm yourself with facts. never argue a losing conversation. I let him smell my snuff and he said it was nice but he wouldn't put it in his nose.

     You can't convert them all but you can plant the seed of wonder, and when they are ready the light will shine. I'm no secret snuff recruiter but I am also not one to stand on a soap box shouting to the world. It's just polite when taking a pinch to offer others to share in your delight.  I openly snuff in public without blatantly making a spectacle of myself. Most people mind their own business even if they don't know it is just tobacco.      
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    Kind of agree. Take snuff in front of people, answer their questions if they are curious, offer a pinch if they want one. But I get really annoyed if people try to talk me into something I don't want to do, even if it would be good for me, so I don't want to do the same thing. The only time I do get on a soap box a bit is with real tobacco enthusiasts, pipe and cigar smokers, if they've never come across snuff before. And if someone tells me that they are considering vaping to give up fags, I'll tell them I think snuff works better and is a classier act. But I don't get a commission for recruits, so live and let live if someone prefers something else.
  • 3 work mates who don't dabble in anything tobacco related have tried a small box car of McC chocolate :). 1 of my friends snuffs when we are drinking but hasn't gotten anything for himself (yet lol)
  • I just gave a store attendant a silver dollar raspberry. He was very interested in snuff.
  • My friend's all think I'm far too eccentric to emulate anything I do :))
  • The only person I've ever given a pinch of snuff to, is my older brother. Every single person I have ever offered a pinch of snuff to, has declined. Maybe I'm hanging around the wrong crowd.
  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited January 31 PM
    I offer to everyone. Only three have ever taken me up on the offer.  I have quite a few folks at work that like to check in with me to smell what I have in my snuff box for the day... but they stop at taking a pinch.
  • GilliatGilliat Member
    edited February 1 PM
    My youngest brother was a chainsmoker for the last 10 years. He always liked to sip from my pipe whenever I would light one up, but his busy lifestyle wouldn't allow him to get into pipesmoking. 3 weeks ago, during a weekend visit, I tricked him into trying some of the snuffs I had with me and he was quite impressed. 2 weeks ago I gave him a fresh small tin of Ozona English Menthol. Two days later his wife said that she "panicked" during the night because he wasn't snoring at all ( also a long lasting symptom of his blocked nostrils). Then he asked for more varieties, and I gladly stashed him up with 5g smashboxes full of fresh SG KB, WoS Honey&Menthol and some scented Paul Gotards I wasn't very keen on. He has now reduced his RYO sticks from 20 to 5 daily. Seems that snuffs suits him perfectly because he can always pinch on the go.
    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • Anything to get people off the coffin nails. Kudos to snuff.
  • I've gotten two people into snuff from smoking and or dipping.
  • people at the bar just .... both non smokers got a guy his own tin of hedges

    and another guy always asks me for some wasabi and takes massive pinches .

    they seem to like mentholated snuffs at the bar

  • Life long friend and his band will be doing a low key show at a hole in the wall brick and mortar tavern next weekend. Of course non smoking atmosphere.
    Will have a great arsenal of snuffs to entertain old and new acquaintances.
  • My grandfather steals pinches left and right when I'm around him.

    I offered snuff to a few friends that asked to try it. A couple liked it, but only one that I know of went out a placed an order. The others are happy to take a pinch anytime I'm around though.
  • EffyEffy Member
    I do offer snuff to those around when I take a pinch.  Quite a few people here in the region like it but don't use snuff regularly - more than happy to have a wee bit now and then.  No one has been turned in to a regular user as yet, but there is still time
  • I do from time to time... usually get a quick "no thanks", but every now and then someone will give it a whirl and like it.  It seems to be the menthol sensation that gets people's approval (wasn't the case for me).  I got my dad into it, and now he's almost a bigger advocate than I am!
  • Ended up converting a few smokers today. We had a motorcycle group ride and meet, 500+ riders in attendance. At the rest stop took out my Amber glass bottle filled with Spanish Gem Ambrosia and decided to indulge in a few pinches around the smokers. As soon as I finished my pinch and looked up I had around 20 smokers looking at me with a perplexed look, an elderly man actually knew what snuff was and took a pinch when I offered. Several of the older smokers came over and sparked up a conversation and I gave them a brief history of snuff and a quick tutorial on how to take it. 2 of them ended up snorting it and sneezing while 3 others hesitantly took a pinch and some how snuffed it perfectly. The 3 smokers who actually snuffed it asked about purchasing some and after I explained the price difference, they very well likely may be making their order right now. Either way it was a nice day out.
  • Holy crap that is a big group for riding. I don't really like riding with more than 3-4 others though. Anyways, good job on introducing snuff to others.
  • I was a smoker and recently fully quit smoking replacing this for snuff. I do have the occasional cigarette with the drink - but its really just next to nill. I got two of my friends hooked onto it and they say they're interested in knowing and exploring more. The trouble which @basement_shaman states about becoming a snuff daddy, I understand. Its happening to me. They totally rely on me for their next orders! :P

    Anyway, I think I would continuously educate smokers who I care about, since I think this is a good harm 'reduction'. Well, I myself am just exploring - but yes, I am a secret promoter of snuff and will continue to be. 

    @Aamon - the tutorial thingy. Neat stuff. When I do it, it makes me feel like a pro :)
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