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Is it possible to remove some of the menthol from snuff?

Hi guys I was wondering if it is possible to remove menthol from snuff. A previous thread where somebody received a WoS tin straight from the shop with a clear build up of menthol crystals on top of the snuff. This got me thinking I've always wanted to experience Hedges L260 without the intense menthol in it. If I was to seal and heat the tin to 40 degrees C for sufficient amount of time for the menthol to reach its melting point, would this separate from the snuff when recrystallization takes place?


  • Don't know about all that science stuff, but you could mix a non-mentholated in there that can take some bite off.  You have to be careful on what you choose though.  I would experiment before dumping a bunch of Bruton's in there.  I don't remember what I mixed but I tried it and it worked fine...the menthol level in Hedges is too high to knock a lot off.

    Thing is now, I love Hedges just the way it is and wouldn't have it any other way.  Didn't realize that until I ran out.  I got a new tin last month and...wow.  Just the best medicated out there.

  • If you are able to some how separate the menthol by heat you would change the characteristics of the base tobacco and it wouldn't be the same add if it was before the addition to menthol.
  • only thing I've done that works is jbrentonivs suggestion. Mix a natural tobacco like toque or wilsons natural. works for toning down any snuff that's too scented.
  • That's terribly unfortunate, I would love to try Hedges L260 base tobacco without the menthol. I may try heating up 2 grams in one of those tiny McChrystal sample tins, I've got tones of Hedges L260 but absolutely cannot use it as a daily snuff. I would just like to tone down the menthol so I cant notice some of the base scents without blowing my head and nose off.
  • If you just want to tone down the menthol do what the others suggest and mix it with a natural tobacco.
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