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Is anybody interested in going in for a custom 500g order of Spanish Gem from Toque?

Hi fellow Suffhousiers I have just found out that Roderick will Customize any snuff you would like for the same price, the only down side is you have to order 400g minimum. I live in Australia so getting 400g into our country would be a tall and expensive task, I would like to get the Normal Spanish Gem (possibly slightly stronger in Nicotine) with a coarse grind with slightly more moisture, similar to a Viking Brown consistency.
I am looking for any fellow members who are interested and would like to get in on this order, I am looking for around 100 grams max at the moment due to tax concerns so am looking for snuffers who would be interested in getting some "Limited Edition" Snuff.

I have contacted Roderick and he has confirmed the price would be pretty much the same as the stock bulk.

Let me know in the comment section if you are looking for a new twist on one of the classic snuffs of the 21st century



  • Uncle Squinty reviews it

  • It sounds pretty amazing. I love Spanish Gem, but with the same complaints. I swear a couple years ago it was much more moist than it comes now.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member
    edited January 4 PM
    I'm down for an 100-150grams for the same one(souped up Spanish Gem) that is going around now(Same one Uncle Squinty reviewed ).Only thing is we gotta find more people that is interested too. Just keep me posted.

    Thanks & Alohas,
    Ryan Orta :-c
  • Ryan, I would suggest drawing up a list of willing participants along with how much each would be interested in. I'd give it a while for the less regular members to see the thread too, as the other order happened rather quickly.

    It may well work out that there is an odd amount such as 700g or whatever, but I am sure Roderick would accommodate, and this saves the potential owners of the extra 200g struggling to find others to buddy up with later. It's probably also worth clarifying how these will be paid for and shipped, and a minimum amount per person, so we don't get some muppet trying to tag along for 5g

    Hawaiian_Ryan ~ 150g
    50ft_trad ~ 100g
    Psicko ~?
    CaptShipwreck ~?
  • I'm game. What's the price come out to?
  • 100g
  • I'm down for a minimum of 100g. Once I get the sample I'm going to let a few people try some, and may be down for more of they want some.
    @CaptShipwreck 400g costs about $40.00 US not including shipping.
  • :)) @Psicko The thing with the custom order is you get what you order and then there's none left ;) So unless you order another 500g afterwards, there's little chance of going back for seconds. I'd recommend diving in with the biggest quantity you'd be happy to pull the trigger on. There's probably more chance of trading away the surplus, than coaxing any more off me or Ryan :D
  • Put me down for 200g!  PM me if interested.
  • @50ft_trad, yeah, I know how custom orders work. I doubt that the order will be put in the next day or two. I want 100g for myself, but I'm going to let some other locals try some and see if they want any. Hence why I said I'll take a minimum of 100, but that might increase if other locals want some.
  • So where are we at....?

    Psicko 100g
    SHbickel 200g
    Ryan 150g
    Shipwreck 100g
    50ft 100g

    That means we're definitely on for an order :-bd. Just a matter of seeing who else wants in. Let me know what I need to do and when :)
  • Just keep me posted I'm down for the 150g.Garens ;)
    Just let me know who is running it and who &when to send payment(how much$) I'm so stoked \:D/

    Much mahalos and Aloha,

    Ryan Orta :-c

    P.S. I hope everything goes smoothly and no troubles. X_X
  • I thought you were running it..... >:)
  • @Roderick input on logistics please matey. Once we know who's in (total numbers) do we all just pay you individually?
  • Yo cancell my request of the 150grams.I'm just gonna buy a whole bulk (400g).I talked to Roderick already to square it out.
    So some1 can take my slot of 150g.
    Easier that way cuz I gotta get other snuff from them.

    Peace and Alohas,

  • On another thread @MrBrooke said he wanted 100 grams.
    I think we are at:

    Psicko 100g
    SHbickel 200g
    Shipwreck 100g
    50ft 100g
    MrBrooke 100g
  • Thanks for the mention. Yes, 100g would be nice.
  • On another thread @Wulfensteinsson said he wanted 200g.

    Here is where we are at so far.
    Psicko 100g
    SHbickel 200g
    Shipwreck 100g
    50ft 100g
    MrBrooke 100g
    Wulfensteinsson 200g.
  • How does the sharing work with respect to the payment/dividing of the snuff?

    Any idea how large you guys would like it to get before putting the order in?
  • This is how the payment and the order was organised for Joseph and I. Once we had established how many grams each of us wanted, we emailed Roderick confirming that we were able to make up at least 400g of snuff between the two of us, and let Roderick know how much each of us wanted. When Roderick informed us that the snuff was ready to be shipped, we individually sent Roderick 3 private emails with our payment details divided between the three at 15 minute intervals for security reasons. As soon as this was done Roderick sent out the snuff individually. Also Joseph paid for his share a couple of weeks before I was able to get the funds together though Roderick was very accommodating to my delayed payment and kindly held onto it until I was ready, thats why Joseph received his order a few weeks before mine came through. 

    What was also really convenient, I was running low on Toque Raspberry and Raspberry menthol so I asked if Roderick could add 2, 25g tins to my order and payment which helped me save on some shipping costs instead of making a separate order.

    On a side note I received 100g of this new wonderful snuff. It is quite a bit of snuff considering my usual purchases, though I soon panicked after realizing even though 100g of daily use would last me awhile I did not buy enough in case this snuff was not able to be recreated. Thankfully after emailing Roderick he reassured me that he had saved the recipe.
    I hope this helps :)
  • Aamon summed it up perfectly. Just remember, you only need to order a total of 400 grams. That is the minimum, although I am sure Roderick won't mind if you order more than that. 

    Like Aamon, I have panicked a bit about this snuff. I have a lot of it and have sent some samples out...but I want to have a stockpile of this. It's that good. For now, I am going to wait until Roderick makes up orders for others and I am actually hoping that this becomes a staple that I can just click and order on the Toque site in the future. 

    Seriously, this snuff is in a class of its own. You owe it to yourself as a snuff taker to at least try some of it. I don't hesitate at all to call this one a masterpiece. 
  • That's wonderful of him to accommodate a group-buy in such a way; much less paintful than everyone pooling funds together and dealing with a single recipient.

    I'm glad you mentioned that you added some other Toque purchases to your order, @Aamon, as I think I'll do the same.

    Being new to snuff and only having tried American scotches/sweets, I have no idea what I'm in for, but I've never seen glowing praise for anything like this before. I'm so excited.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited January 10 PM
    Rodrick is top notch. I've only had a few of his snuffs, but they all have been well done, even if you aren't keen on a particular scent. If you order more, do the 10 for 9 deal. You get ten 10g tins for the price of 9. Good way to sample some of their snuff.
  • Tell you what gentle folks, put me down for 100g also, I'm starting to feel left out! I need to make another order from Toque soon anyhow, when this custom blend is complete I can get everything shipped together.

    So that's 900g accounted for thus far.....
  • Here is where we are at:
    Psicko 100g
    SHbickel 200g
    Shipwreck 100g
    50ft 100g
    MrBrooke 100g
    Wulfensteinsson 200g.
    Dan11 100g
  • I think I will joust in @ 100g myself as the sample has poked my nose as well. I think this is just the beginning of good things to come!
  • @Psicko, please put me down for 200grm as well.
  • Here are where we are at:

    Psicko 100g
    SHbickel 200g
    Shipwreck 100g
    50ft 100g
    MrBrooke 100g
    Wulfensteinsson 200g.
    Dan11 100g
    Jmahes 200g
  • This going to happen? @roderick what are your favorite toques? If I were to try say five, what are the five toques everyone should try?
  • @CaptShipwreck, i emailed Rodrick to get this started. There is also another thread going on that discusses toque blends.
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