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Happy Birthday Snuffhouse

I don't know the exact day Snuffhouse came online. But it was 10 yrs ago. I had been a lurker at that time reading the treads as they developed and I was intimidated and fascinated at the same time. The community seemed pretty tight with all the camaraderie between members and after a few years I finally jumped in with both feet.

When when dark it was a sad day indeed ,Cstoke4 saved our sanity  and started a new Snuffhouse web page and kept the community pacified . Then Snuffhouse .com was launched it was missing all the bells and whistles the original had and went through plenty of growing pains. Fortunately Mark Ludwick Stinston volunteered his knowledge and worked out some of the bugs. 

Any member here  Please share past Memories of Original Snuffhouse and Boards and anything you feel pertinent  and lets all celebrate this mile stone    
My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Its been a while since I joined here, a few years, though my activity levels are spuratic to say the least. But I do love this place regardless of how active or inactive I may be. Its because of Snuffhouse that I have been able to kick cigarettes for good, and also how I have gone deeper into pipe smoking and of course the vast amazing world of snuff. Also the people that inhabit this world, all you snuff takers who seek unity and knowledge over a few pinches of snuff. 

    When I first started out all I could get was scotches from my local Food Lion, usually Square or Superior, because I couldn't stand the sweets...still can't honestly lol. Then I made my first trade, a few large tins of Honeybee for what I thought was just going to be a small sample of assorted snuffs. I was quite mistaken! It was a rather large box of snuffs, full tins and tap boxes, and a teak heartwood snuffbox packed tight with 6P Natural (my go to snuff still to this day, even after they changed it).

    My second trade and my last one was also, a turning point for me. It was a metric shit ton of FUBAR Grunt that I received from Mr. Snuff Potluck for assorted pipe tobaccos. That was the first time I ventured away from Prince Albert and Carter Hall and discovered a love for VaPers. 

    Snuffhouse has been good to me, to all of us, for a long time, and I hope it continues to do so for a long time to come.
  • Happy Birthday :x
  • I've only been around for about three years, but I have truly enjoyed my time here. You guys were there when I finally kicked the coffin nails after a 25 year addiction. You guys have introduced me to many wonderful products, and wonderful people.

    Happy Birthday Snuffhouse. Long may we continue ^:)^
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