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New EU Laws and the impact on our passion

MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
As you guys probably know there are some onerous new EU regulations coming into force on November 19th.

How does that affect us?

Well, I just got off the phone with Dave at Sharrow Mills (Wilsons) and they will be discontinuing 70 of their 97 flavors. You read that correctly.

Worse: ALL the F&T tubes, both the 25g and the 50g, will disappear and the flavors offered in the rinky dink little tins will be reduced to a couple of the best sellers.

According to Dave it will be a very similar story with SG and GH snuffs, though I have yet to confirm. I will let you know.

I spent a long time trying to convince him that he could keep selling to me "for export only" which means that I would at least be able to continue selling outside the EU, but he did not seemed convinced. I do have another evil plan up my sleeve which I will share at a later date if I can pull it off.

However for now we have to assume the worst. 

I am waiting for a list of the discontinued snuffs which I will post here. We have a very small window of opportunity to stock up on soon to be non-existent snuffs. He will no longer be able to ship them to me after the 19th and they all have to be sold by May17th of next year.

I would greatly appreciate your input as to what you are interested in (when I post the list) so I can put in a sensible last order. Should I get any discount, I will pass it along to you guys. I consider it 'our' discount for being stand up folks who are helping Wilsons' out with their problem of having redundant barrels of snuff sitting in their warehouse.

The only bright side of this is that Roderick (Toque) and I have had several lengthy conversations about this and he will have no problem continuing to supply me for export.We will do this until they tell us we can't. 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Trust me though, I will find a way round this if there is one.



  • Gad damn. That's some really bad news.
  • Damn.

    I'm not gonna be in position to stock-up until January at the soonest.

    Damn small minded politicians and their paternalistic views.  In a world ripped with war, famine, and even slavery still existing in places, how did a legal agricultural crop get demonized and have such a focus of prohibitory law?

    Why must tobacco loving ADULTS be treated like criminals?

  • This is appalling! I am currently in talks with the Government about this but, now is the time to contact your MP's, your MEP's, the press and UKIP!
  • Didnt the UK leave the EU?

    Whats the point of Brexit if your still bound to their corrupt nonsensical laws.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    Here's the list:

    Take a gander and let me know what you would like.

    Remember, even though the F&T are listed there will not be any more of the cool tubes. If you want those I will have to order them next week.

    Thanks for any and all input.

  • F&T High Dry Toast is the top thing I'm going to want to get a large quantity of before the supply runs out.

    Are the mills hoping to return to snuff manufacture once England exits the EU?

  • Well at least my precious CoC and Best SP seem safe from the ban.  What's with all the name changes are they not allowed to name them after foods and such anymore?  Raspberry is now Ripple , menthol is cool, honey is bee, licorice is root and so forth. 
  • They dont keep the bulk in stock. You order it and they get it from wos then send it to you. Done went thru this awhile back.
  • SmeckmaSmeckma Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    I don't understand. What law is this? 
  • So what's gonna happen with F&T High Dry Toast?
  • As it's an EU-wide thing, would it be safe to assume that the snuff
    mills in Germany and other EU nations will be equally impacted?

    Also, could someone describe the most important specifics of the new law?

  • And how is this going to affect all the Toque products? 
  • How is this going to affect all the Indian snuffs?
  • Is anybody going to buy the recipes of a lot of these discontinued brands, it would be a horrible shame to loose these snuffs forever!!!!!
  • This makes me sad!
  • I cannot wait for us to leave the EU but is the EU really to blame for this? Seems to me the discontinued snuffs are what I suspect won't be the best sellers. I was devastated when I first read this last night, but now I see the lists don't think it will affect me apart from Vanilla and Vanilla Ice.
  • Suppose I am really pondering whether this simply the management of decline?
  • No mention on Camphor and Mild on either list.
  • So it looks like they're no longer allowed to use words in the names that imply natural things, like "raspberry" or "flower" or "honey".  That sounds like legislature.  

    But why the discontinuations?  Is there something about the law that says they can only produce a certain amount of flavors?  Or are they just discontinuing the unprofitable ones of their own accord?

    And no more 25g or 50g tubes of F&T.  But... there will still be 25g tins of WoS?  So the problem isn't the quantity, it's just the container?  Again, is that legislature or just cost-optimizing on WoS's part? And if they can sell WoS snuffs in 25g tins, couldn't they also sell F&T in 25g tins?

    So many questions.
  • I think F&T need to comply with bigger health warning signs, so that's probably why they're getting rid of those tubes. I think that could be sorted with a bigger sticker, but God knows if there are other reasons.
  • @Roderick Quick question, (from my wife actually. Shes British and knows more about this than my American self), My wife wants to know what contacting UKIP would accomplish as they are just a political party.
  • This is dreadful news! I am currently unable to place any orders with MrSnuff due to financial constraints, but I cannot tell you how relieved I am that I have some bulk stored away. I fear we are likely too few in number to effect meaningful change with our dark overlords.

    Thank you for updating us on all this Dave. I hope that there will eventually be a "reawakening" once we finally manage to sack the bastards in Brussels.
  • The original post is dated 11th November, is this 2016 or an old post?

    Can someone tell me what are the proposed changes, as this is the first that I have heard of anything so drastic as discontinuing so many products?

    I know that my tins of F&T  and  S.G.  have no weights, volumes or lists of ingredients or "E numbers" printed on them . 

    Could this be the problem.   If it is, when do we stop. I can't remember the last time I bought a bag of fish and chips with the weight, volume of gravy, E numbers in the mushy peas and UK Government Health Warning telling you     Fatty Foods kill  stamped on the chip wrappers.

    Can anyone tell me what is happening please ?

  • Morlaix & Grand Cairo are gone? That sucks.
  • It's not just the flavours.

    We have to pay a huge fee to the EU for every flavour and size of snuff we produce. Hundreds of thousands of pounds more than the few thousand pounds we sell of snuff in each country. If this passes, and it looks like it will, snuff is dead in Europe. This is a huge victory for the cigarette companies and a terrible blow to harm reduction. Another classic example of how corrupt the EU really is.
  • I fully understand the problem now.
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited November 2016 PM

  • Eu destroy tradition
  • For all our UK members, here is the letter that I will be sending to my MP and MEP later today. Please feel free to plagiarise this, or use it as a template for your own correspondence to your local representatives......

    "I wish to bring to your attention a situation I have become aware of regarding the EU Tobacco Products Directive. It seems this Directive in it's current form is all set to destroy the UK snuff industry.

    Nasal snuff seems antiquated to many, and indeed is the oldest form of consuming tobacco, but it is also the least harmful. As far as I am aware, there have been no fatalities attributed to snuff in it's 400+ year history. Many people are moving to ecigarettes for harm reduction and support in quitting smoking, but I managed to quit earlier this year with the help of snuff. I had tried by using ecigs and failed. Snuff was a huge support for me to break my addiction, and is still part of keeping me off cigarettes. Speaking to other snuff users, it is clear that I am not alone, and others too have moved from the unknown health aspects of vape, to the more certain harm reduction of snuff.

    Snuff is mainly produced by SMEs, from the worlds oldest working snuff mill in Sheffield (established 1737), and the old Gawith mills in Kendal, to the newer companies like McCrystals in the Midlands and Toque in Berwick. There are other brands and artisan makers too, all striving for high quality product, keeping the old industry alive, and providing an alternative to smoking since the first British smoking ban in the House of Commons in 1693.

    The EU's TPD looks set to destroy this. After talking to manufacturers, it seems that the registration costs for these products, which are based around Big Tobacco operating systems, could be upwards of 10x the entire turnover of these small businesses. Even if they cut their wide range of harm reduction products down to a bare minimum, there is only a very slim chance that the industry could survive. This would not just be a disaster for the businesses themselves, but for all the "forgotten" snuff users who enjoy their products. Remember, the snuff users are forgotten, because we're NOT getting ill with cancers, emphysema, and a whole range of other smoking related illnesses.

    One Dutch snuff mill has already hung up their overalls, and closed the doors. We need your intervention to prevent all the UK mills following suit. We must preserve this industry, not just for those who profit, or all the employees who are set to lose their jobs, but for all those whose health is greatly improved by this important alternative to combustible tobacco products. We need this quickly too. It had been generally understood that snuff was not going to be one of the products affected, but this not looks like it is not the case.

    Please respond immediately in whatever way is appropriate, to protect these businesses, and to protect us users from falling back into the clutches of more harmful products."
  • For reference this letter will be going to:

    Sarah Champion MP
    Mike Hookem MEP
    Richard Corbett MEP
    Amjad Bashir MEP
    Lord Kirkhope of Harrogate MEP
    Linda McAvan MEP
    Jane Collins MEP
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