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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

New EU Laws and the impact on our passion



  • I had the same thought as basement_shaman. Don't forget about raisin cakes (look it up).
  • I can't help wondering whether there's been too much over-thinking. The new regulations could be avoided by simply carrying on as before.

    Besides the fact that snuff is hugely under the radar compared to all other types of tobacco, there will be a whole new set of regulations in a couple of years time, and the current government isn't likely to be seen to enforce any new EU laws in the current climate.

    Surely the EU laws have to be transposed into UK law to have force of law, so if someone could advise on the UK law that applies?
  • That doesn't help with selling to the other 27 countries though, particularly considering there's a potential of new border controls/monitoring coming into force too. Besides which, it's too easy to say "bah, just ignore it" when it's not us that could be facing legal action.

    We want our snuff safe, but that in turn means keeping our manufacturers and suppliers safe too. The more change we can effect in the system, the safer our supply routes, and the fewer additional costs get passed on to the end user.
  • I know the discontinued products for Wilson and F&T . What will change for Mc Crhistals and Toque ? Thanks :|
  • Snuff hasn't been of interest to the UK authorities for decades, that's
    one of the reasons the duty was removed (IIRC) when John Major was PM.

    I have seen cigarettes, rolling tobacco, cigars etc. with incorrect markings/health warnings, sometimes those made by the big firms. I can't remember hearing about any legal action against them.

    When the new Customs controls apply, surely no registration will be necessary to sell to those 27 states anyway. Orders to there will simply be sold & packed like any sale to (e.g.) US or Australia currently.
  • @Snuffitaly I have been informed from MrSnuff that at this moment the McChrystal range will be unaffected
  • @Roderick I think you only have to pay in case you were exporting any of your products into those countries via a local importer, but if you just sell online I don't see how they would have you pay for this.
  • We are ready to manufacture / repack  snuff on behalf of all EU Companies if that helps.

    Please email on for more details.
  • As an aside, I have noticed a couple of posts on snuffhouse stating or implying that 25g tins (in general) are being outlawed. Is this a misunderstanding?

    I understand if F&T tins are being phased out in order to better accommodate the labelling aspects of the regulations (if indeed that is the case), but have seen nothing in any regulations which restrict the sizes of snuff tins..... I know there was originally an upper limit on vape juice bottle size of 10ml maximum, but I understand that was being questioned in the House of Lords at one point. I also believe that cigarettes and loose tobaccos are being hit with minimum pack sizes too. Can somebody with a better understanding please offer some clarification on this in relation to snuff tin size restriction.

  • @50ft_trad I think it's cost per size of package. Like to sell 10 and 25 gram package of the same snuff would require two fees.
  • Thanks Bob. I was thinking along those lines too, but thought it prudent to check
  • Yes that is correct. Add each economy bag and bulk tubs and it very quickly mounts up.
  • Thanks Roderick. I just wanted to check there wasn't a legislative aspect that I'd missed. I prefer yours in 10g or bulk, SG and GH in the 25g, and WoS are irrelevant as I have to decant it into something else irrespective of tin size anyway 8-|

    Being forced to use the dreaded sneezeboxes again would be a total disaster
  • Roderick said:
    This is appalling! I am currently in talks with the Government about this but, now is the time to contact your MP's, your MEP's, the press and UKIP!

    hey everyone. Im having a hard time following these threads. Simple/stupid question: can I still order in bulk (say, 200g) from toque or mr. Snuff if i live in texas. Thank you.

  • US customers are safe. It is just the stupid EU.
  • the thing is worse case scenario the work arounds will be found. And the great part is snuff is in this pickle because it's so under the radar culturally that it will be even easier for the work arounds to slip through and not get caught latter. And if they get caught later well then snuff is well known enough to restate the case again.
  • bobbob Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    America still hasn't figured out a legistlative way to get shag rolling tobacco labeled as pipe tobacco taxed and restricted according to the spirit of the law. And that is legitimately a big issue as far as lost tax revenue.
  • In my way of thinking, if I buy 5g or less of snuff it's effectively a sample, so I'll either decide it's a lovely snuff then go and buy a larger size with the next order, decide it's a so so snuff and not buy it again, or just decide it's horrible and flush it down the toilet.

    Now, I'm not a smoker so maybe I'm wrong here, but the smallest pouch of rolling tobacco I've seen on sale is 12.5g, which I'd guess is only going to make a couple of dozen rollups, depending upon how fat you roll them.

    If I were to roll my own cigarettes, I'd be combusting that tobacco and inhaling the bulk of it... But if I have a 12.5g container of snuff, I'd be sticking it up my nose, and most of that material will later end up in tissues. This being the case, it seems like snuff takers are being unfairly penalised, when compared to people that like to roll cigarettes or smoke pipes - so are pipe smokers going to be told "Sorry mate, you can only buy a 10g pouch of tobacco, no more 12.5g, 25g or 50g sizes for you"?

    I can sort of see an argument that only manufacturers or distributors should be able to buy kilo quantities of snuff for repackaging etc. But, the answer for us consumers seems to be that snuff manufacturers have been ignoring the issue of 10g plastic tubs and boxes not being air tight for far too long - perhaps if they switched to 10g Toque style tins or small vac sealed cans, three could be sold shrink wrapped together to approximate the 25g packs they'd replace, in a similar way that one can buy a brick of ten packs of twenty factory-made cigarettes.

  • @duerndel, I don't think it's a case of larger sizes being banned, just that snuff producers need expensive permits for each different package, so they'll only produce best selling items. Probably most people on snuffhouse would agree that bigger sizes are better, but, oddly enough, we may not be "typical" snuff users. Whatever the hell that means. Maybe 90% of sales go to people buying 10 gram tins of Poschl Cherry Ripe or whatever.

    No excuse for non airtight tins or packages, I agree.
  • Thanks @JakartaBoy Can anyone actually point to a copy of these regulations? I seem to be hearing three distinct issues:

    - Pack sizes, which I've addressed above.
    - Naming - to which I say so what? Most existing snuff variants hardly give much clue as to what they smell like in the name.
    - Some sort of fantastically expensive testing/permitting, which all sounds highly suspicious to me, I've dealt with testing products to comply with EU regulation in the past, and whilst none of those were tobacco related, the costs were usually in the range of a few hundred pounds for GC/MS or HPLC testing, which is what I'm guessing would be required here.

  • @Aamon thanks man , you give me a good news
  • If the smaller sizes (5g, 10g) were actually sold in air-tight containers, then yeah, this wouldn't be so alarming.  Instead of needing a 25g container I could just get 2 or 3 smaller ones and it'd be fine.  Better, maybe, in fact.
  • Maybe better in terms of snuff condition, and it not drying out before it's finished, but it would certainly bump the price up.

    I actually prefer Toque's 10g tins over the 25g as they're more pocketable, and they keep snuffs fresher that I don't use regularly. I have also used them for repackaging the smaller WoS tins. Once I'm certain I want a snuff in higher quantities, I move to bulk. The 25g tins are perfectly fine, and of course are better value, but I prefer using the smaller ones for daily use. However, I would be happy to buy in whatever sizes Roderick chooses to retain, as the snuff always arrives in tip top condition.

    If GH and SG smaller containers were the same, I'd probably do the same thing. Small for sampling and occasional use snuffs, and bulk for regulars. I buy the 25g tins purely to ensure snuff is in a good condition till I open it. If they ditch the sneezeboxes and continue with the vac tins, they will continue to get mu business. I outright refuse to buy the sneezeboxes, and if that's the way SG and GH decide to go, they'll get no more orders from me. Game over! I will also write to them and explain why they've lost my business. I would probably own a lot more Molens snuffs if they'd been sold in airtight containers in the smaller sizes too. I didn't fancy having to buy 100g tubs just to sample snuffs in the proper condition.

    Wilson's tins always get the snuff to me in a good condition, but don't keep them that way. They aren't great for daily use, and are prone to rust. All my WoS purchases now get decanted into something else at the earliest opportunity. I consider McC and JHW tins the same. 5g is fine for sampling, but I'd like containers of 50g+ for the favourites.

    F&T tins work fine for me for storage, except for Old Paris and Santa Domingo. OP and SD always go mouldy before I've finished it, whether I keep it in the tin, or decant it into glass. I love the snuffs, but haven't bought any for ages due to the waste involved if I don't dedicate myself to them. I've not had the same issue with Princes, so I don't know why some are affected this way and not others. OP and SD in smaller tins may get my orders in future, but I want the others I buy from there in larger amounts. I never used the cylindrical tins for daily use though. I'll generally tip a small amount into a smaller tin or snuffbox, either neat, or mixed with another snuff.

  • Thanks guys you've just given me an excellent idea for a work around. Can't say right now but as they say watch this space.
  • I do like the 10g tins to decant into although I have quite a few empties I reuse over and over again. I would be fine with 25g tins and mini samplers, 10g is quite a bit considering its just to see if I like the snuff. I really do not mind too much since I will continue to buy Toque no matter the size although 400g bulk is not an option for us Aussies. As long as you can keep the 25g and possibly a smaller sample size would be perfect. Is it possible to keep for example a 25 and a 10g, and with the 10g tins half fill them as a sampler, although it may get complicated to keep track of if you don't have a clear way of marking the 5g tins.
  • I'm not a trumpster or anything but seriously Europe ditch the EU bullshit for every pro that gets thrown out to defend it there's several cons. Could just be im a silly American but it's like a states vs federal thing. Federal government (something like the EU) will always blow loads, and then if you don't like your state you can always move to Texas
  • tboyertboyer Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    When it comes to contacting a government official it's often better to hand deliver the letter to a staff person and if possible talk to the staff person. A politician is swamped by emails, and phone calls. It's their staff that they rely on to filter everything
  • Roderick are you moving into space to avoid all laws?
  • Lunar snuff, what a wicked idea! Maybe get the "man in the moon" to start sporting a snuff tache as advertising :P

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