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Fight for Snuff

Please help us to fight for snuff. Write/phone/email the press your MP anyone you can think of to stop the banning of snuff.  

We voted to leave the EU in the hope that we would save snuff. But this crazy TPD EU law is to be passed without any consideration for the smokers lives this will take.

Think how many of us here stopped smoking using snuff! 


  • The FDA in the US passed their ruling without anyone voting. These unelected groups seem to be free to do what they want and not care about the impacts. Its not just ban tobacco. Just think about all that surrounds tobacco products. The jobs, growers, packing and store fronts! How did this world get this way? I know there probably needs to be some regulations for some things not to get out of hand. Here in the USA is come down on tobacco but legalize pot. That just blows me away. Also the talk has been coming around about the pot issue is you can't buy a firearm if you are using a controlled substance. Pot is still a federal crime. So now they can get rid of firearms thru the back door. WOW just WOW!
  • Any chance we could develop a standard message for the people like myself who don't fully understand these laws. A standard message we could copy and paste word for word, also a list of appropriate people we could send these messages through to with email addresses or any relevant information.

    This will help us to get more Snuffhouse members contacting the people who hold some of our lives in their hands.
  • Just for clarification, is what we are looking at here a blanket ban on snuff as a product, or a draconian reduction in the number of permissable additives? I would wade through the applicable "directive", but I'm far too cross. Pull your finger out Mrs May and get busy invoking Article 50!
  • smmsmm Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    I can't find anything on the Tobacco Products Directive pertaining to smokeless other than they they'll have to display large warnings:

  • All I've found is a ban on internet sale of tobacco, and no distinctive scent characteristics. I've still yet have someone get back to me on the extent of the ban or to clarify what will hamper the snuff companies 
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited November 2016 PM

    The fees are being set between 60 pounds and 120 pounds for each flavour, plus you have to pay for every size of container it comes in and the fee has to be multiplied for all 28 EU countries. This would bankrupt most snuff companies, the bigger ones might continue, with a very limited range, for a few years but ultimately will be financially unsustainable and eventually cease trading. The dates for filing had actually passed before we heard about it. 

    This is from a leaked Govt. document. 


    There will be an annual fee set which will be applicable to all notified tobacco products. This fee is set to cover the cost of the competent authority function, as described by the EU Commission. A consultation on the fees will take place shortly and a link to that consultation will be sent to you at this address once this is available.

    Submissions notification requirements;


    Snuff Ingredients (reason for incl.), Toxicology Data, General Description of additives, Sales and Marketing Survey

  • The big question here is whether brexit will change the long term prognosis?
  • Possibly, but not quickly enough. At least two years of negotiation, EU law enshrined in UK law, and only reviewed on as "as needed" basis, and there will be a great many other bigger issues before this would be addressed - if indeed it is to be addressed at all
  • @Roderick 
    Just change the product name .    I am thinking loop hole like Snus  being Chewing bags. 

    Suggested Snuff name change like nose candy that would surely attract attention. Something less attractive and quite acceptable would be Powdered incense or  Fragrant potpourri pulverized components.  What the consumers use of the product would be their choosing. You have no control if they wanted to snuff it.  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Lunecat, 

    The labelling is the least of our worries. It's the fees they want to charge for every product, in every country.
  • SkeGSkeG Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    @Roderick, does it really have to multiplied by every country? Could one product not be registered for only some or possibly one country? I don't know would it be a big help though, but would leave you to be able to at least sell only for the biggest markets.
  • mjohnsmjohns Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    Woah now. I haven't been on this forum for awhile and have been out of touch with the snuff world, though I still enjoy the stuff daily. Excuse my ignorance, but would someone please explain the meat and potatoes of this new law to me? Does this affect U.S. shipments/sales?
  • No Affect to US shipments. 

     We could reduce the cost by only registering the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Holland etc... but we sell a small amount in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Belgium and others. But why should we?

    Lunecat, I'll find a link for you.
  • @Roderick, to cut costs. If it incurs a fixed cost to register particular scents in a particular EU country, you could keep a wider range of scents in smaller set of countries versus a narrow set of scents in wider set of countries.

    Making an example, Finland just banned selling smokeless tobacco and simultaneously buying any tobacco over the internet. It makes little sense to register a product for a country, where the buyer is in effect a smuggler anyway.
  • SkeG, That makes good sense. 

    Funny thing is even with the Finnish ban we are and will still send to Finland.
  • @Roderick if you only registered in those countries, could someone in, say, Italy just order online from a retailer in Germany?  

    If yes, why register in any countries other than the UK?  Everyone in the rest of Europe could just order online from UK retailers.  (Most probably already do.)  
  • @smm It's hard to see how this will play out long term. For example, Mysmokingshop has now changer their listings to say they can't supply the US or "any other EU country". Aside from MrSnuff (and Toque direct sales), I'm not sure which retailers, if any, will be prepared to entertain cross border sales.

    I think registering on an "as needed" basis could certainly be a smart move. No point in registering products in a country if they don't sell. There's also nothing to stop mills registering more products in more locations if local retailers decide they want to expand their stock lines in sufficient quantities. Discoed snuffs from Wilsons (for example) could be produced as special releases, if retailer place big enough orders.
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    The trouble is we will have to pay GBP51,480 just to register in the UK
  • OUCH!!!!
  • Annually! 
  • I think a key here is these laws are totally sensible when applied to cigarettes and the like. The point is that makes a clear case for why snuff should be treated vastly differently. They're widely different products.
  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    The fee is extracted annually... anally.
  • Bob you are spot on. This is what we are telling our govt and hope they see sense and fight our corner.
  • Yes the basic idea makes sense but it is being applied way too broadly. Snuff isn't a health hazard and is not made by larger companies that can afford to pay these annual fees. And snuff is such a Europe thing such a part of the history with so many regional variations that are gonna be gone.
  • Agreed
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