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RoderickRoderick Member
edited November 2016 in General
If the EU ban snuff should we? I hate the idea but if you can't beat them........


  • Is such a ban a very real possibility?

  • YES!
  • Will the ban affect snus? Because I'd totally be into a Toque line of snus. Otherwise, I vote for pipe tobacco.

  • Yes, Snus as well.
  • Although, Sweden may have an opt out clause for this.
  • SmeckmaSmeckma Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    @Roderick, how is the new EU laws coming into effect from 17 Nov going to affect your products?
  • @Roderick when will this ban take place if they do decide to? Is it the Brexit that will affect the sale of snuff or is this separate? and lastly why are they going to ban snuff?
  • SmeckmaSmeckma Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    I don't think anyone is saying snuff is going to be banned. This is all to do with new laws being implemented on tobacco descriptions (they are not allowed to use words like "cherry," "chocolate," or "honey") and labeling (bigger health warnings). Snuss is already banned in the EU and snuff could follow suit in the near future. Not that it will, but that there is a possibility.I think this is what they are going on about.
  • I think this depends on the image of your company, personally. I mean, "Don't Smoke, Snuff Toque" is right on the tins. Given the regulations I know there needs to be some compromise between making a living and portraying what you wish to portray, but I believe cigarettes would be a bit too far. Pipe tobacco possibly, but a pipe and snuffbox are nearly inseparable for many of us.
  • Or possibly sell "raw pipe tobacco" which is actually snuff that we just have to grind ourselves?

  • @Roderick if snuff becomes totally banned, then by all means get into pipe tobacco, cased in your wonderful range of scents, cunningly titled so as to avoid legal difficulties...... and open up a sister company, selling a range of suitable herb/tobacco grinders :-\"
  • Nasal snuff ban in EU in 2017 ??? Is no possible . Where can I read something about this ???
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    It's not just the flavour words that they think will have children taking up snuff.

    It is the registering of every flavour and size. We have to pay a huge fee to the EU for every snuff flavour and size we make. I have estimated it would cost us 480,000 GB pounds per year x 28 EU countries to register all our snuffs for sale in Europe. Complete madness! 

    480k to register Portugal per year and we only sell 2k per year in that country.

    This is why the snuff houses are dropping all but their most popular ranges. Customer choice is being killed.
  • I just hate the prohibitionist EU!
  • I am very very sad ! F U C K Eu
  • What a totally f*cked up situation!

    How feasible would it be to move to plain snuff, and sell the scents separately (as they are not tobacco products in themselves) in small dosage vials? Only one tobacco product to register.
  • Yes, we're looking at that and a number of other ideas. 

    The crazy thing is if we move out of the EU we can sell back into the EU.
  • SmeckmaSmeckma Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    This is one of the reasons why I am a free market advocate. I hate all the red tape crap and the corruption it involves. 
  • edited November 2016 PM
     It's big tobacco that gets this shit passed so they can sell their death sticks. I guess if you sell widgets and include free flavored tobacco with every purchase they have to arrest you .

     If they want to protect children then they should ban sugar and fast food. That stuff causes major health problems.  

    Make your products on a boat in international waters.

    Prohibition has never worked since the beginning. A&E were told not to eat from the tree of knowledge and they were the only two god had to watch.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Seems like DIY may become an imperative. It would be a drastic change of business model, and it wouldn't be nearly as satisfactory for either vendor or customer, but maybe good, purpose built equipment to make home snuff production easier is the only thing left.
  • This may work for people where growing tobacco is legal unfortunately in Australia 1 plant comes with an $80,000 fine and some prison time. I am left just hoping something will be sorted out
  • You can't grow a tobacco plant in  Australia?? Wow, that's insane. All of us everywhere better start stocking up. Meanwhile, we can partake of all the wholesome medicines big pharma has for us
  • I am already thinking of getting some heavier light bulbs on my closet.
  • @Aamon, seems a bit rough. How does that compare with a marijuana plant? In Indonesia, you can buy bales of tobacco for pennies. On Fridays, the oofficials come around to collect the bribe imposed in lieu of taxes.
  • d-excise-equivalent-goods/In-detail/Tobacco/Growing-tobacco-for-personal-or-commercial-use/

    Ha. No specific mention of penalties, but it sounds ominous.

  • @JakartaBoy well the funny thing is we can grow two outdoor cannabis plants for personal use although tobacco is highly prohibited. I'm not too sure if they actually inforce the law I believe it may be in place for large commercial crops. I don't think the average police officer knows what a tobacco plant looks like, you could always say its some sort of cabbage.
  • Or tell them it's weed.
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