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Secret code

lunecatlunecat Member
edited November 2016 in General

IF snuff will be driven underground by the EU and other governments we need to develop secret code & language where we can trade snuff amongst each.

Sizes will be easy, based on 25,50, 250, 500 & 1KG ... give some suggestions.... simply could be a 2/5/25/50/1-er .... Gosh this all sounds like a "drug" vocabulary but we had better do this now before we are legally driven underground.

Suppliers & brands a little more difficult ... give suggestions ...

Best we get these things sorted out now before the fascists descend upon us.


  • @lunecat that's a good idea, I don't know the first thing why snuff will be banned if somebody could educate me. If you are going to use things like 2', 5', 2.5", 5.0'' 1.0''', if you are going to use something simple like that you will want to make sure everybody know whats what, you don't want someone trading 500g for 50 grams accidentally. This code could work with Toque, 5" Socket? possibly would names be an issue though?
  • And lets not forget to publish this secret code on the internet snuff forum with a topic heading no one would ever suspect.
  • governments have been breaking codes since codes were invented.

    If you want . country of origin and manufacture company first Initial .ET= Toque, IS = Sixphoto, GP = Poschl 
    Or Blenders Initials RL = Toque, MJ = Dholakia, IM  = McChrystal's not that it's any snuffers common knowledge
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • I guess it's time to bring back Navajo code talkers. No one broke that. Unfortunately I don't think it would work a second time.
  • nuffsay odecay
  • @psicko, these days you could probably just run it through Google Translate
  • @JakartaBoy. Navajo is not in Google translate. I've tried before. Outside of northern Arizona, and very small amounts of northwestern new Mexico, and southwestern Utah, Navajo is not heard. I guess if we keep it to phone orders only, we would be fine. The government would hire people to translate on the Web if they saw a big increase in Navajo Web pages most likely. Navajo is a beautiful language.
  • I use camphor and menthol snuffs when   " I hab a code in my ed"


  • @wickedpissah

    Laughing my ass off right now.
  • In relation to Navajo comments.
    If you live in the western U.S., you can pick up the radio station thats "the Voice of the Navajo Nation" on A.M. 660, at night only. It's in Navajo and English, and they play county western music as well as Navajo native chants with drumming, etc. It's quite interesting to listen to, and I can't make out one single word of it.
  • @mrmanos, I've listened to it before. It's pretty cool that they do that. We sometimes put that on for our Navajo patients that have dementia and no family with them. Helps keep them calm.
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