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Introduction to others.

Just want to say I have introduced 4 people to snuff over the last week. The scents and feeling really changed their minds on what I was doing. I think the menthol snuffs really got em.


  • Spread the good gospel, brother!
  • I have given away half of my McChrystal's order I just received. I am now putting together another order. 
  • edited November 2016 PM
    excellent! but there will always be bums that never buy their own. Some times they get annoying even after you give them a tin. It not like snuff is expensive just not readily available everywhere like cancer sticks. Funny I will be smoking my pipe and some one will approach from behind and asked if I got a smoke? So I whip out my snuff box and offer them a pinch instead, most of the time they decline.  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • This is true, I have given away 3 tins of my fresh McChrystals order already then I see this EU thing, Istarted sweating thinking I was going to have to put in a big order.....
  • I got my neighbor into it. The only downside is he keeps bumming my snuff! Haha, I jest, I don't mind sharing. That's what tobacco is for, right?
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