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What's in your cellar? (bulk snuffs)

There seems to have been some panic buying recently, due to the effects of the EU-TPD. There's also members (like me) who have already had some bulk cellared away for a while anyway.

I thought it might me interesting to see which snuffs, or which types of snuffs, members have chosen to stock up their cellars with in bulk. (200g+)

Here's mine ....

Wilson's Tom Buck
Wilson's Burgundy
Wilson's Brunswick
Wilson's Best Dark
Sam Gawith Celtic Talisman
Sam Gawith Firedance
Sam Gawith London Brown
Sam Gawith SP Scotch
Gawith Hoggarth KB Plain
Viking Thors Hammer
Toque Berwick Brown
Toque Rustica
Toque Plain Coarse
500g+ of a Crazy George style own blend

I've also got well over a kilo of other snuffs in smaller containers, and think I probably own about 3x more snuff than I've ever consumed :(|)

Which snuffs did you decide you need to cellar away in bulk (over 200g) ?


  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    Tom Buck 450g
    Royal George 450g+
    Irish High Toast No 22 450g
    Strasbourg 260g
    Grand Cairo 350g

    High Dry Toast 550g
    Old Paris 450g

    S'Nuff 600g+
    Mild Lemon 200g+

    Lime Toast 450g
    Natural Toast 450g
    Whiskey & Honey USA 600g
    Berwick Brown 500g
    SP Extra 425g

    I have around 1000-1500g in various other scents as well.
  • Toque:

    SP Extra
    Natural Toast
    W&H USA
    Spanish Gem
    Camphor & Clove Extra
    Thuoc Lao (whole leaf)
    Rustica (whole leaf)
    Rustica fin




    Best SP

    6 Photo Kailash, 5 Photo Himalaya, Dholakia White, White Elephant, FUBAR Grunt (2nd batch, the chocolatey one)

  • I have a pound of F&T Santo Domingo and around 200g of SG Kendal Brown. I also have 20ish Old Mill 60g jars of miscellaneous blends, all exceptional, and all cherished after the unexpected passing of our friend Chef Daniel.

    About to place an order that should last me the rest of my life. Let's face facts: tobacco isn't getting cheaper and soon it might not be available at any reasonable price. While other forms of tobacco are easily obtained here in the US (150+ pounds of pipe weed in the cellar!), snuff is near-impossible to find. Time to stock up.
  • @skydog 150+ pounds of weed? Go dude! :P
  • I have ordered my bulks generally in 200g bags/drums, so not every one of these has over 200g left.

    Rose of Sharrow
    Jockey Club
    Tom Buck
    Grand Cairo

    Almond toast
    Lime toast
    St. Clements
    US Whiskey and honey
  • Nice array of snuff, guys!

    SHbickel, I know what you mean about the "various others". When I'm at home, here's what I reach for.


    6 x Gawith Hoggarth
    7 x Fribourg and Treyer
    4 x Viking
    3 x Jaxons
    3 x Sam Gawith
    12 x Wilsons of Sharrow
    2 x McCrystals
    9 x Molens
    12 x Toque
    2 x JH Wilsons
    2 x Mullins and Westley

    If I'm heading out somewhere, or indulging in more than a pinch of any one snuff, I'll load a daybox (MrSnuff rococco box) with one of these. Alternatively, I'll fill a daybox from one of my two dozen 25g bail top jars all with different blends to what's in the case (12 of which are what I decant my bulk into). I'm not in danger of running out anytime soon.
  • I have so many kilos of pipe tobacco and snuff I can't even keep a tally of it.
  • I tried to as well and it gave me a headache. It's frickin many pounds and I will be hoarding for the next two years at least :-)
  • My goal is 30 pounds to feel secure after that it's just fun
  • ZanaspusZanaspus Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    I have about a pound of Rooster, but that's the only thing I'm incredibly deep on.
  • 30 pound goal, wow! I've probably got 10ish (in bulk) and feel very secure - in fact 5kg of snuff actually leaves me feeling a little guilty of excess.

    Not guilty enough to stop me just placing another order though :-\"
  • I have at least 15 pound probably closer to 20 if I actually got it all out and weighed it, the only thing on my list is to grow a big crop of Rustica this coming spring & that will do me as I doubt very seriously that I will ever use nearly all of it once I get the Rustica grown and floured, I am addicted to the stronger nic snuffs so my mild snuffs don't get used much & when I do use one I chase it with Rustica or one of my stronger snuffs. G'Day

    @Zanaspus  Hi bud, I have right close to a pound of Rooster jarred myself , I also have about a pound of Bruton
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • Since starting this thread, these "panic buys" have been added.....

    SG Grousemoor
    SG Yellow Crest
    SG Blue Crest
    6P Anarkali
    6P Super Kailash
    WoS Grand Cairo

    Rough tally is currently at about 6.5kg bulk, plus another 1.5kg of odd tins and 25g glass jars. I really need to stop now, as it's getting silly, but I still find myself keeping an eye out for bargains....
  • I have Toque USA Whiskey & Honey, WoS IHT #22, and Viking Dark in bulk. If I were somehow limited to just these three snuffs I wouldn't be too upset.
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    30 pounds of snuff, that is a heck of alot. Just think about the kids in India at the moment who cant buy snuff
  • Long, long before my supply runs out, I'll have mastered the craft of making my own from homegrown. As they say in the pipe world, all roads lead to Virginia, so that's my focus, though I've got seeds for other varieties, including rustica. My experiments started years back, and I've already made some insightful discoveries.

  • Rustic to be mastered this next grow year. Will start on the fermentation of last seasoned leaves soon for an idea I have for the nose.
  • ive got F&T seville, SG wallflower and Toque sp extra stocked in large quantities. i also bought up all the WoS lemon toast that Mr snuff had left which ended up being 22, 5g tins 
  • When I started this thread I had expected people to have mainly bulked up on the plainer snuffs, but it's nice to see folks have taken to stocking up on such a wide range of different snuffs
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    I stock up on anything menthol.
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