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Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown vs Kendal Brown Special

So while the scent is slightly different, the biggest difference I notice is that the KB Special seems to pack more of a nicotine punch.  More leaves than stems?  Different processing?  Dunno.  

I felt the same way about the Scotch Black.  I notice both of these have been discontinued.  I wonder if they were poor sellers or if the materials/methods to pack that higher punch was too expensive. 


  • SG Kendal Brown special is still being stocked on MrSnuff
  • I don't see it listed on SG's web site anymore, and saw some post on here a while back saying it'd been discontinued.  If you like it, I'd stock up!  (Personally I find it too strong and will stick to the KB Original!) 
  • Maybe stock up from mrsnuff it says they have 22, 25g tins. save a couple for me though :P

  • I'll have to check that aspect out next time I open a tin. I have several of each type in storage in anticipation of not being able to get them in the future.
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