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Toque Will Not Lie Down and Die!

RoderickRoderick Member
edited November 2016 in General
I just wanted to say thanks for all the incredible support and messages we have received. We will fight to the bitter end and will never be beaten. If I have to become a smuggler, I will. We will continue no matter what happens.

This is such a dangerous and stupid EU ruling.  Snuff is safer than nicotine patches.  Cigarettes are the enemy.  We are just about to print some new labels.  I think we should go back to our old slogan that we were asked to remove by a jumped up prat in the Scottish Parliament "Snuff thrills, Smoking Kills".


  • Keep it going!! I will keep buying from you. I'm sure allot of folks will. 

  •  If I have to become a smuggler, I will.

    Right behind you ... getting my vehicle ready now!  :)

  • Out of interest, what's the difference with the new labelling?
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    So stupid changing labels,names and wanting snuff company's to stop using 25g tins only 10g tins... lame lame lame shit.... I'm pissed beyond imagination. Man it's also heritage and tradition in some country's what BS... what's next no sex... without regulation... jeez
    Genital labeling and warnings..
  • There was some story about a guy in the UK who was required to report to the police 72 hours before engaging in sex with a new partner. To be honest, he did sound like a dubious character, but the order was made through some administrative process, not a trial, with no right of appeal.
  • Snuff thrills smoking kills. Lol that's great.
  • Actually I got it wrong, it was "Smoke Kills, Toque Thrills". Fancy not remembering your own slogan.
  • Maybe you should register a blend called Brexiteer or Fuck EU, just to really piss them off.

    Ingredients: Tobacco, passion, pride, wisdom and determination

    Reason for inclusion: To counter the harmful effects of anti-democratic oppression

    Effects of exposure: A feeling of freedom, self-determination, and elation
  • LOL!
  • If we did an FU EU what flavour would it be?
  • @Roderick, FU-EU, love it!
    I wonder if it should have a flavor, other than tobacco?
  • Yes, full on, in your face, unadulterated tobacco goodness
  • .... and I'm about the same distance from Sharrow Mills
  • "I love it when a plan comes together"
  • I took the liberty of doing the artwork for you Roderick. Hope you approve

    FU EU
  • ^ I would add "and heritage" to the end.
  • LOL! That I would love to see. Somehow I don't see the money men letting me away with it.
  • Shame! I reckon that would have been a big seller right across the continent ;)
  • Hell I'd buy it no matter the flavor, just for the tin ahaha
  • I think that I would happily buy an empty tin just for the label and then fill it with whatever Toque snuff I felt like.
  • It would be great if these new packaging regulations pass maybe if Toque could send out a free sticker without the health warnings to slap on the top of the tin (if the law says you cant print them to put on a the snuff tin, market them as bumper stickers or just stickers)
  • ClootieClootie Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    I love snuff and love Toque more than any other. Sad times
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    Back to the FU EU snuff topic, would we not be able to use two words and capitalize the EU FU, with something like "the EUropeian FUhrer" with a swastika underneath possibly the peace swastika not the Nazi swastika to avoid insulting the wrong people. Or something similar
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