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Black Friday/ Cyber Monday?

Do you guys know if Mr. Snuff or Toque do any specials during Black Friday or Cyber Monday? I'm trying to figure out if I should hold off on an order :) Thanks!


  • I just read the other posts on the EU constraints. Man. Nevermind folks, I'm happy to pay my fair share right now. Please disregard the post. 
  • I tend to stay in bed on Black friday.
  • Hang on isn't that Jean-Claude Juncker's house?
  • =)) Lunecat's secret identity is revealed :))

    Are you sure that chainsaw isn't for Mr Farage :P :O)
  • Got an email from Mr Snuff 2day free shipping on black friday use BFSHIP at checkout 
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    Yup I just used the Black Friday code for Mr.Snuff.BFSHIP=Free shipping.Perfect time 2 be stocking up on what's left of De Kralingse&also SG,MC,F&T,SWS,WoS etc..before it's all gone.
    Every1 have a good/safe Black Friday!!

    Peace and Aloha :-c
  • I "nearly" placed another order this morning, but changed my mind. I've probably got about 10 years worth of stash now, so I'm going to do the gentlemanly thing and sit back and let others fill their boots. I know there's folks out there who haven't got such an extensive "cellar", so I'm going to give them chance to get in first.

    This may well mean I miss out on some favourites, but the worst case scenario is I get some incentive to have a go at home scenting. Over 2kg of my stash is plain(er) snuffs, which gives lots of scope for getting creative if I need to diversify the scents at a later date.
  • I had to have some F&T HDT just in case, as I didn't have a lot left, so I ordered 12 x 50 gram of HDT & 2 x50 gram tins of a couple other F&T snuffs to try. If I had to, I could live with HDT as my only snuff but I'm glad I don't have to.
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • After placing an order on Toque's website after this thread, I went ahead and ordered everything else I wanted from mr. Snuff on Friday. I just don't know I'm going to go through choosing one I want to start snuffing first!
  • @s2srea I have that same problem everytime I place an order :P In fact of the last few orders, I have hardly touched them at all. They've gone straight into storage, waiting for me to finish the snuffs I already have open.
  • Is the black friday code still working for free shipping? I was slaving and sleeping the past two days and must have missed an email :-(
  • Not sure @agentshags. Hope you have some luck today (cybermonday?).
  • does anyone have the code for cyber monday? ive tried many times to get their emails but i cant seem to get it to work
  • @peacock  Hi Bud, Same here and I have asked Mr. Snuff to fix my email promotions at least 3 times but still don't get them, what he should do is just post the Bloody Code on the site or Post it here on the forum where everyone can see it on his ADD.
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • Same here. I have a $250 order ready to go as soon as I get the code. Please help
  • It's still BFSHIP ... just extended the offer.
  • Thanks cobguy but it's still not working for me. Guess I will contact Mr. Snuff directly.
  • All I ordered in the sales this weekend was 50 x 110ml jars for decanting snuff into. I probably already have enough snuff here or on the way in mill containers to fill these. Any spares will be filled up with the moister snuffs from my existing 1 litre bail top jars, so I don't have all my eggs in one basket with the snuffs which are most likely to spoil.
  • BFSHIP did not work for me either. bummer times
  • Code seems to be working now @peacock
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    Try again. It should work. I think Pat forgot to extend the date!

    If you ordered and paid for shipping (having tried the code), let me know. We'll sort soemthing out.

  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    BTW: the "Cyber Monday" Free Shipping will go to midnight tonight (Tuesday) UK time. This was to account for differing time zones.
    Point is there is free shipping with code BFSHIP for the next 2hrs and 20mins by my calculation.

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