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If you are unconvinced about the difference between a tin and a tapbox...

Years ago (before I took a, like, 8 year break from snuff) I ordered a tapbox of Gawith Hoggarth Kendal Brown.  (It was a gaudy, gold, rectangular one plastic one.  I wonder if they still look like that?) What arrived was a dry, brown, sandy snuff that tasted like nothing and burned like fire.  Tossed it out.

Just recently, ordered a 10g tapbox of Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown (Orignal, I assume; the tapbox doesn't specify).  Loved it.  Didn't detect any citrus, but it was rich and earthy and enjoyable.  I enjoyed it a couple weeks until the snuff got too dry and started to get a bit sandy.  But I figured that these tapboxes were probably OK, as long as they were sold and consumed fast enough.

Having liked it, I next ordered a 25g vacuum sealed tin of the same.  HOLY MOLY WHAT A DIFFERENCE.  It's down-right _lemony_.  That deep, rich earthiness is even more pronounced.  It's moist, it's fluffy, it's easy to take, it rarely burns of stuffs me up.  It's clear to me that while the 10g tapbox I had before was pretty good, it wasn't all that that snuff could be.

And, weirdly enough, on snuffstore, the 25g tins are _cheaper_ than the 10g tapboxes.  Why?  I don't know.  But there's not really any reason to mess with those tapboxes anymore.


  • @smm, yeah the sealed tins are amazing compared to tapboxes. And bulk tubs kick it up even higher.
    Nothing like sniffing a pound of fermented tobacco ( except maybe 10 lbs :-)
  • I learned VERY quickly what a nightmare those tap boxes are. The vacuum tins from SG are one of the best forms of snuff packaging on the market.
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