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Vodka rehydration.

I have a few of the Gawith Hogarth gold coloured plastic boxes with the brown trap door on the end.      I can almost hear the groans.

Only been open about three months and all as dry as talcum powder.

I have read of a couple of people getting mouldy snuff after rehydrating in an airtight box with water in a separate bowl.

I was wondering if anyone has tried using vodka. Its almost odour free and the alcohol content should discourage infections.  Would the alcohol be detrimental to the scents and flavourings added?

Has any one had success or failures using vodka this way?


  • I've never had mould from indirect rehydration, and I've carried out the process many many times, but I only ever hydrate a couple of day's worth at a time. I've also never used alcohol, directly or indirectly. Sorry, I can't really offer anything useful on this topic. :-??
  • try it
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    Alcohol works fine, use as high of a proof as you can find, I like Bacardi Rum 151 but any good whiskey will work fine just ask Hawaiian_Ryan as he recently tried some Peruvian Rustica with Rum in it I sent him in a trade. Alcohol kills anything bad that may have been in your snuff. And you are correct on the Vodka not having much scent.  G'Day
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  • You do not need an incredibly high proof, mold will not form as long as there is ethanol vapor present. I use an indirect hydration method. I have an empty small 3.5g McChrystals tin, with small holes drilled in the lid. I often then pinch a few of my room mates cigarette filters cut or rip off the paper off the sides and stack them into the 3.5g tin then add water so all the cotton is saturated then I run a piece of electrical tape around the seal for good measure, I then dump all the dry snuff I have into a 25g Toque twist tin and put in the 3.5g homemade hydrator. I normally leave it over night and the snuff is right to go by morning. I reuse the 3.5g tin and wash it out and add more filters when I want to rehydrate again.
    Like mentioned above you shouldn't get any issues when using condensation to rehydrate, most of the snuffs that are susceptible are artisan snuffs.
  • I did not have any vodka so I tried it last night with Gin.

    The gin scent was not noticeable with the menthol snuff that I tried it on.

    Worked a treat, this morning the dry snuff powder had fluffed up to twice its size and works a treat.

    Now going to be stored in a glass jar instead of the useless plastic container with the flip lid. 

  • Did you apply the gin directly, or put them side by side to just soak up the humidity/vapour? If you poured it straight in, how much did you use?
  • Snap top poly box with gin soaked paper kitchen towel in the bottom and snuff elevated above and spread onto a small plastic tray.    Left it overnight.

    I could only smell the menthol in it this morning when I put it into a small glass jar but now after a few pinches I get a strong menthol scent then  hint of grapefruit for about thirty seconds then back to the menthol.    That must be the gin giving out the grapefruit.  Very nice though.

    I am going to get some vodka for the others, I am reluctant to alter the scents of medicated snuffs.

  • I use Rum & Whiskey directly in the snuff & it is quiet good, it doesn't take much. G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
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