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Segar and snuff parlor

Has anyone tried these guys? Any good? I wish they had descriptions.


  • I've had some of their snuffs....

    Convent Sandalwood is GH Sandalwood with a different label

    All the others I've tried were made by Wilsons.

    Jocks Choice is like a SP+ If you mixed WoS Tangerine with Tom Buck, I reckon you'd probably be pretty damn close to Jocks Choice. Tangerine is the nearest single snuff I've found.

    Emerald Mocha is very much like WoS Irish Coffee with an extra hint of chocolate.

    Mature Crumbled is a really nice snuff on a more elaborate and luxurious tobacco base than normal, and matured longer. Think one of the F&T snuffs but without the highly perfumed casing.

    Particular didn't actually smell of anything particular to me - though a pleasant, maybe slightly boring, snuff. Maybe I need to revisit this one.... I have some tucked away somewhere....

    Citrus Delight = WoS Lime and Lemon. I really liked it, but for some reason I had a tin of lime and lemon that didn't work as well....

    Rumba = rum and chocolate, the same rum as their ruma and blackberry, and same chocolate scent as their choc orange and choc mint. Very nice.

    Not tried the others....
  • Don't suppose they ship stateside?
  • No, sorry. I also don't know how they'll be affected with WoS cutting their range, in other words whether they will be continuing with this range due to the EU TPD debacle
  • chrischris Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    I have four of the snuffs from the Segar and Snuff Parlour.

    Two are from their original Mullins and Westley range - Jock's Choice and Mature Crumbled. Both are very good and I would agree with
    @50ft_trad  about those.

    The other two are from recipes that they acquired after the demise of G.Smith. and appear to be produced by Gawith Hoggarth.

    Cafe Royale has a very dark coffee aroma. To my nose it is quite smoky and always makes me think of Latakia pipe tobacco. The original when it was produced by G.Smith was a bit of a legend and supposedly the most expensive snuff in the world at the time.

    The Covent Golden is based on what G.Smith called Golden Cardinal. It is very scented with a mixture of florals. To my nose none of those dominate so I cannot tell you what is in there but it is very refreshing as an occasional snuff.

    You might want to check out the ermtony website that has a lot of good snuff reviews.

    I had put in links to the individual pages on his site for Mullins & Westley and for G.Smith but the links would not work for some reason.

    His website is at

    If you follow the link in the right hand sidebar to his "Snuff Stash" page you will then get links to all his reviews listed by individual producer.

    I hope that helps.
  • StoveburnStoveburn Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    Both tins and tubs are
  • ????

    @Stoveburn If you're trying to use special characters, including the pound sign, your post gets cut off. You need to write 5 GBP (for example) instead.

    I assume that's the difficulty you're having
  • Lol 5.10 GBP for the tin or tub? Also, I have a mate that's in London at the moment, would they encounter any issue with an airline/customs should they buy a few tins of snuff and bring it to the U.S?
  • I can't see that being a problem at all. Certainly not at this end (UK) anyway
  • SeanOCDPxSeanOCDPx Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    I live in the US and was able to order their snuff using their email on that link.  You have to give your credit card info over the phone or by email... I did so trusting in the world of snuffers and all went pretty well.  The package didn't get to me initially, and after a few weeks I contacted them, and they said they don't know what went wrong but they sent a new package and it got to me just fine.  

    I can't offer any better snuff descriptions than the above, but I will say I like the Jock's Choice, Covernt Golden, and Covent Cafe Royale are quite nice.  If you make an order @CaptShipwreck, you should pick me up some Covent Golden  :D  I'll overpay or trade  :D

    Edit: Just realized @agentshags was wondering if they shipped to the US.
  • I emailed those chaps last week and didn't get a response. It's amazing how often I reach out to people to purchase a good and never get a response.

    Oh well, more money for Mr. Snuff and my various pipe tobacco dealers.
  • Bummer skydog, my first attempt to reach them went the same way, but after sending another followup email, I got a response something like - sorry about the technical difficulties.. here are the prices.. here's how you pay.  You might want to try again.   Wasn't the easiest or smoothest deal, but maybe you'll have luck if you send another email.  
  • In defence of the Segar and Snuff Parlour - and I have no association with them other than as a satisfied customer - they are a tiny operation.

    I have visited them over a number of years and only very rarely have I seen two staff working - it is normally only one person.  If there is more than one customer in the shop - which there frequently are - then it is crowded.

    I have very rarely visited the shop and found myself to be the only customer so I think they are serving customers all day long and have very little time to deal with emails.

    I also suspect that online orders are a very small part of their business. They are very much an old fashioned street corner tobacconist that just happen to be in Covent Garden. If you do a search on Google you will find some images of the shop and see for yourself just how small it is.

    But they do have some very good snuff!
  • Thanks for the tip. I think I will give them another try.
  • thanks @SeanOCDPx , I'll give a shot at contacting the folks there
  • In case anything I said sounded like I was ripping on them, I wasn't trying to.  I heard about them from that "Addicted to Pleasure" show, and it was cool to email with Robert from that clip.  I was surprised to find that I was able to order from them after hearing otherwise, and just wanted to let people in the US know what they might expect while trying to make an order.  Hopefully they ship orders amidst all the new regulations!   
  • I hope they won't be messed up in all this dumb baccy laws. I want to order a few from Segar Snuff :-/
    I'll be pissed if they can't ship here to US
  • I hope they don't get messed up too. I have 20g or so of a few of theirs in little glass jars, but I'd like to think I'll be able to replenish them later. There's four of theirs I'd definitely like to get again
  • It's the shop keepers I feel for most. As the manufacturers slash their ranges the shop keepers will end up with nearly nothing to sell. 
  • though that might keep the range they sell fresher making it more appealing. In a silver lining type of mood at the moment.
  • Less capital tied up in slow moving stock too. Maybe some of the discoed snuffs can make an appearance as annual "special releases". It would keep a bit of variety in the market, give us the opportunity to stock back up on our favourites, whilst keeping the overall costs down.
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