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Old Mill blues...or a celebration

I'm looking at my 20 or so jars of Old Mill Snuff and feeling many things. What an outstanding job Daniel did in creating these snuffs. I regret not purchasing more but at the same time I appreciate the opportunity to have tried them at all. Each time I pull from my stash I know I'm using part of a finite amount of this glorious product. Sad, but I will try to remember my fine chats with Daniel and cherish each pinch I take.


  • I'm with you there. I know that eventually Daniel will only be remembered by veteran snuffers, but I wish his charisma, goodness and alchemical mastery was more widely understood and recognized. He has definitely left a legacy, but most of that will last as long as the remaining samples of OM snuff we have. Then it will pass into legend. He did not have an apprentice to pass on his techniques and knowledge, but it does seem clear that there were many among us who are inspired to experiment and bring new snuff inventions into the world.

  • One of the coolest things I have seen was an Old Mill snuff tin in a title photo for the blog of - shows how far he reached
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