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Toque questions

smmsmm Member
edited November 2016 in Types of Snuff
Hey all,

Believe it or not, I've never tried Toque!  And seeing how everyone here sings their praises, I guess it's about time.  So I'm hoping for a little guidance here.

1) Are their smallest, 10g tins actually airtight?  Or will they arrive all dried up and dehydrated, like the tapboxes do?  If they're OK, I'll probably order a handful of those to sample a wide selection.

2) Suggestions?  I love coarse, moist, and (mostly) natural.  SG Kendal Brown, Black Rappee, Chocolate, F&T Old Paris, and Poschl Sudfrucht are all favorites.  I also love the toasts, but WoS  IHT#22 and SG IDL both stuff me up _bad_ for the next hour.  F&T HDT is the _only_ one that doesn't stuff me up.  (No idea why.)  Not a fan of medicated. 

So I'm thinking:

- Berwick Brown
- Original
- Natural
- Natural Toast (hey, maybe I get lucky, like F&T HDT, and it doesn't stuff me up)

Any others that might fit my taste profile?  Specifically, is there one with a, like, deep and musty fruit fragrance, similar to Old Paris or Sudfrucht?

Thanks for any thoughts!



  • 1) the 10g tins are great. Take advantage of their 10 for 9 offer on their website

    2) Ten suggestions to make the best use of the 10 for 9 deal...

    Berwick Brown (most important!!!)
    Natural Toast
    SP Extra
    Spanish Gem
    Toast and Marmelade

    That should get you off to a good start. I've tried to pick stuff that will work for you, but also give a decent variety.
  • I second:
    Berwick Brown
    Natural Toast
    SP Extra
    Spanish Gem

    I must insist:
    Lime Toast
    Whiskey Honey USA
  • I third:
    Berwick Brown
    Spanish Gem
    SP Extra

    Although I would add Toque Raspberry or Toque Raspberry and menthol, its a nice change from my usuals and is in my opinion the most natural and refreshing Raspberry on the market (especially Raspberry menthol)
  • I like every Toque snuff i have tried. The Whiskey and Honey is the one that really kicks me the seat of the pants.
  • UbiquitousUbiquitous Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    Throw some USA W&H in there as well. It's easily my favorite snuff.
  • ^^^^ I absolutely agree, by far the best fruit snuff on the market!
  • Toque snuff is great. All the scents are natural, the tobacco base is very good. I've never had one I didn't like although Cheese and Bacon sounds a little weird to me. Try the pomegranate or strawberry if you want to see how spot on their flavors are. And vanilla too! Blueberry menthol also, and don't forget violet, it's like smelling fresh flowers.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    I just got my first toque snuff. I got some berwick brown. I ordered several other types afterwards.
    The only other English snuff I have is Sam Gawith hazelnut and some medicated nasal snuff that reminds me of tiger balm(the name is escaping me at the moment.
    Berwick brown is really good. It's been the one one been snuffing the most the last few days. I can't describe the scent too well due to my noobish nose and the lack of anything similar to compare it to.
    @smm, did you get any toque snuffs yet? What's your impression?
  • @Psicko not yet; I'm waiting for my stash to dwindle a bit lower before I place my next order, but I think I will do the 10-for-9 deal that was suggested to me.
  • Yeah, that 10 for 9 deal is a good one. I put in an order for some toque as well. Haven't received it yet. I did get a sample of that custom Spanish gem though.
  • I also just ordered the 10 for 9 deal, although I did the math and it ended up a bit cheaper with shipping in the end to just order 10 tins at regular price from . I ordered from Toque directly cause I wanted to try the Pumpkin Pie, and some of the US Toques and Silver Dollar. Also I wanted to try from different distributors. And see who was the fastest shipping. 
  • "Quality over Quantity" always order Toque from Roderick first!
  • @nicmizer

    Is there a difference in quality ordiering directly from Torque vs from a different suplier ?
  • @yisraeldov, if you order straight from Toque, it should be fresher. With other sites, who knows how long they had the snuff in inventory before they sold it.
    The companies have no control of the shipping once your order leaves the company, especially if the company is from overseas. Too many variables with the different post offices in each country as well as how long it takes to get through customs.
  • @Psicko pretty much sums it up.
  • That being said, I do recall Roderick (of Toque) asking around here if anyone in Spain really used snuff, because he didn't want to make a deal with Spanish distributors if it meant the product would be sitting around getting stale before reaching customers.  So if someone is selling Toque, I have to assume that Roderick has vetted them and they're selling a good product.
  • So  I'm finally gearing up to place my Toque order, but I've got a dilemma.

    Last order from Snuff Store, I got a 20g tin of 6 Photo Special, which I wound up loving.  And I'm almost out.  I don't normally like menthols, but this isn't the usual blast-you-in-the-head menthol which leaves me with a snotty face and unable to breathe.  This is a nice, mellow menthol with a good fragrance.

    So now I'm considering throwing in a Toque menthol.  How are they?  Are they the usual overpowering menthols?  Is there one that's comparable to the 6 Photo Special?  I don't normally like fruit snuff so I'm wouldn't expect to like raspberry or blueberry.  Is their medicated OK?  Peppermint?  Anise? 

    Any thoughts there?
  • I don't think Toque makes one bad snuff. I enjoy all I have tried, though I tend to stick to my faves and haven't tried Cheese and Bacon, The medicated is great, so is the Peppermint, which is the most pure peppermint snuff I have tried. I also really like Coltsfoot, which is sort of like anise, but more herbal and larger grind. Roderick makes great snuff....period.
  • Finally placed my order.  I went for these ones, which were recommended to me:

    Berwick Brown
    Lime Toast
    Natural Toast
    Spanish Gem
    SP Extra

    Then these two, because the 6 Photo Special, which I surprisingly loved, convinced me to give mentholy ones another shot:

    Camphor & Clove

    And this one, because it just sounds darn refreshing:


    Will report back with my thoughts as I try them!
  • @smm Great haul there, sir!
  • Yes, a good array. You should find some new favourites in there
  • On Friday I finally got my order from Mr. Snuff and it had 4 Toque bullets and a tin of Coke.

    The bullets are blueberry, peppermint, lavender and ginger.

    I was really looking forward to the Coke, but when I opened it, it just had a strange smell, nothing that reminded me of cola, when I took a pinch I could feel a faint cola for a few seconds then it was gone, and then I was just stuffed up. I didn't get any of the "Fizz" that I have heard people talking about.

    Also the flavor of the bullets is barely noticeable, if it didn't have the flavor printed on them I'm not sure I could even tell. Most of then also hit me in the back of the throat.

    So far I have been pretty disappointed, I heard such good things about Toque and this was quite a letdown.

    Could it be that what I got from Mr. Snuff was stale? I have an order coming directly from Toque and I really hope it will be a better experience.

    I mostly took WOS untill now, cause that is what is available locally. When you open the tin you don't even need to bring it to your nose and you can recognize the smell right away. I've also had some McCrystals O&G and some Ozona President, and they also had a decent flavor right away.

    I tried yesterday to take the ginger and peppermint Toque, I expected to be able to feel a bit of cooling from the peppermint and some burn from the ginger but none.

    Have you gotten stale snuff from Mr. Snuff before ? What can one do ?

    ( also posted this on reddit, )

  • I suggest hydrating the Toque Coke (and bullets) , letting it sit for a day .Then you should get some of the scent back . I had a similar experience with some Toques last year . 

    The Toque coke scent is pretty authentic ...but also quite subtle and brief on the nose (in my experience) .

    Personally I ve enjoyed the Toque USA flavours far more . 

    So far as Cola goes ...tinned Samuel Gawith is a powerful scent ...though seems to smell like a lot more than just cola :D . Poschl Gawith cola takes some beating in my opinion .
  • What do you mean by "takes some beating" I was about to order some Poschl Cola. I think the tinned SG cola isn't available anymore, or I would order that.

    I am really trying to get my cola fix from somewhere else than drinking diet cola ( my car is filled with empty bottels :(   ) 

    Any recommendation on how to re-hydrate ?
  • What I think 'takes a beating' means is the fact that Poschl isn't highly regarded on the forum. There are dozens of threads about rehydrating if you use the forum search.
  • Tins of Samuel Gawith 'SG Cola' are in stock at MrSnuff . As far as I know , it's still in production . :)

    I am very fond of Poschl Cola , it's mentholish but it's become a regular snuff for me . Quite expensive though.  . 

  • I m quite fond of a few Poschl snuffs ....but I m reluctant to be part of the Poschl direct sales network . I can't buy the stuff by the pound ...or even the ounce :D Buying Poschl reminds me too much of buying packs of cigarettes....never quite having enough inbetween paydays . 

  • Yeah I see cola still on the SG website, but I'm reluctant to order again from Mr. Snuff, it was packaged fine, but took about a month to arrive, and apparently I need to re-hydrate the Toque snuffs I ordered. has better prices for Poschl snuffs, almost 1/2 the price as Mr. Snuff, also they arrived in about 6 days, though the packaging wasn't the greatest.

  • I don't have any experience with the bullets, so I can't help you there. As to the scents for the tins, if the snuff seems a little dry (and that particular blend isn't supposed to be), then rehydrating can help. However.... I have sometimes found that if a snuff is too moist, that can also have a detrimental effect, and a period of airing out can help.

    To air out - take the lid off and leave it a while.

    To rehydrate - take lid off, and put the tin in a tupperware type box, with a damp scrunched up paper towel next to it but not touching it. Pop the lid on the tupperware box and leave overnight.

    I don't think Coke emulates a cola scent, maybe it doesn't gel too well with the tobacco scents, but do find it an OK snuff for occasional use. Blueberry is one of my favourite fruit snuffs, but the scent isn't long lived. I haven't tried the others you've mentioned. If you're new to snuffing, this can have an influence too - I found it took me a while for my snout to tune in to several snuff types. I found florals revolting when I first started, but now I really like them - and some of the subtle ones were too subtle for me at first, but now I can get the full aroma from them.
  • @50ft_trad

    Thanks, I'll try to let it air out, but why would it need to do that. The scent has been getting more cola as it goes on, but still very faint, and only lasts a few seconds.

    I know what you mean about acquiring a taste. When I first got a WoS lemon grove, I would just tolerate it if I had nothing else, but now it is one of my favorites.

    I have been taking snuff occasionally for years, when ever some one would offer me, at the most once a week, but I have recently been taking it a lot more and ordering for myself. 
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