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FNG/FOG Trade?

Hello All. Here's an idea: 

When I had started to get into pipe smoking, I joined a forum for pipe smokers. They had started a 'program' which was very beneficial, in my opinion, to newcomers. It was an FNG/FOG (F'ing New/Old Guy) trade. The way it worked, as far as I remember, was this: 

An old member (FOG) of the forum would post when he was ready to make a new tobacco purchase. Instead of purchasing the tobacco directly from a seller, he would go to the FNG/FOG thread and state he was willing to trade an equal amount of a variety of tobaccos (which he would list) he had for whatever new tin of tobacco he wanted. A FNG post if he was interested, and if they agreed they would trade addresses. Once the FNG sent him the invoice/receipt, the FOG would mail him the samples in ziplocks.

I tried it, and I thought it was a great exposure to tobaccos I may not have purchased right away. 

Do you think this would work with snuff? 


  • We have a trade thread that works very well already. So yes, I do think it would work with snuff.
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