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Anyone ever do a group snuff sampler buy?

My big problem is not being able to use up snuff as fast as I want to try new ones and discover my favorites.   Ordered six 25g tins?  Now I've got 150g to get through.  That's like a six-month supply for me.  I could just buy more, but it piles up.

What if, say, 25 people all went in and bought 25 tins together, and enough smashboxes (from one of those companies that sells them in bulk) to divvy it up so everyone got 1 gram of each?

Does this happen sometimes?


  • Not really to be honest. Most of us have severe TAD and revel in hoarding as much tobacco as we can, lol.
  • The trouble with only getting 1g is that many snuffs taste different at different times. You'll see a lot of posts of people who have tried the same snuffs at different times and their opinions have changed. It often takes considerably more than 1g to get to know a snuff.

    I do understand the "dilemma" though, and I ended up with quite a large pile of snuffs I didn't like or wasn't enthused about. I ended up mixing them together to form new blends, which worked quite well. On top of this, I've got about 50+ different snuffs, and even ignoring the reject blends and the bulk jars stashed away, I've probably still got enough snuff in part used tin/tubs/small jars to last two or three years .... but I don't really consider that a problem

    Thankfully, if stored correctly, most snuffs will keep for a long time, so there's no rush to consume the full array of snuffs you've got. Besides, it's nice to have a drawer with a range of other snuffs in for when you fancy a change
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    I typically cant judge a snuff until I get through at least 10g, the scent changes too much from a snuff I've never tried so I never make up my mind until I'm at least 10g deep in snuff. I usually buy the small tins if i'm not sure if i'd like it, the McChrystals 3.5g tins are alright for a quick gauge of the snuff. Although I prefer 10g for this in either case.
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