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Which menthol smells the most like Vic's Vapor Rub?

I work with this gal (she smokes) and she mentioned that she loves the smell of Vic's Vapor rub.  A moment later she agreed that it would be a good idea to try one my mentholated snuffs.  Does anything in your stashes remind you particularly of Vic's Vapor rub?  I have a bunch of menthols to give her, but I can't say I've ever smelled Vic's Vapor rub.  Thanks!


  • I'd have to say Hedges L260 although its been years since I had used vapor rub as a child this snuff reminds me of those moments. Hedges L260 has too much menthol for my nose although great if you have a cold.
  • My wife is also a Vapo Rub junkie and swears by McC O&G
  • McC's Highland Ice is spot on ... very nostalgic.

  • Hmmm, choices.... luckily I have them all.  Thanks for the input!  
  • I went with the Highland Ice since I had a womanly little tin of it. I got texts after work singing its praise. Thanks again folks.
  • My wife stole a tin of McChrystal's O&G. She loved the Vic's scent to it.

  • Hedges L260 and Pochls Red bull!
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