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Triage list - just trying to sort out what's left

So I have been reading the posts about what is going and what is staying, and as far as I can tell:
Poschl and Bernard's are staying with name changes
Molens is gone
Wilsons is cutting all but best sellers
F&T package change
Toque is staying and fighting back

What about others?
Sir Walter Scott? - Havana toast?


  • McCrystals remain unchanged so far

    SG/GH cut about 30% of the line when they merged. No news yet as to whether there will be any further change.

    No news yet of contracted snuffs such as Tranters, M&W, Viking, Jaxons etc

    No news yet from SWS, Abraxas or Rosinski

    Big tobacco options such as JHW and Hedges likely to remain unchanged due to so few variations
  • @50ft_trad perfect that's what I was looking for!
  • Poeschl production remain unchanged (only few snuffs is renamed)
    Bernard as above.
    Sternecker status unknown.
    And german manufactures are forced by law to get their proctucts checked by local authorities, so then compositions are know to anybody with internet. There is a geman office who is responsible for food and drugs.
  • Yeah, from what I read, according to the EU legislation, each member state _may_ (but doesn't _have to_) levy a reasonable fee for the chemical testing and administrative processing of each product offered by tobacco companies, but that's all left up to the member state.

    I read the UK legislation to implement the EU directive.  I wonder what the German legislation is; if they're levying fees and, if so, what sort and how much.
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