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Do snuff companies still advertise in countries that they are allowed to?

Just curiously wondering if snuff manufactures are still currently advertising in countries where it isn't prohibited?
From a quick search some of these countries and situations include, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, The Malaysia Formula One ( I understand this would probably cost a fortune), Pakistan, The Philippines, Germany and Bulgaria (on billboards), The Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix and also Sponsor ship in New Zealand.


  • I've never seen a snuff advertisement in Germany. That's all I can say.
  • Forget Indonesia! There's probably a few dozen snuff users in a population of 250 million!
  • @JakartaBoy maybe if they did advertise they may convert and open their eyes to our wonderful world of snuff
  • The only snuff advertisement I have ever seen was for Rooster and that was in Tennessee
  • Geoff capes british strong man wrestler advertised for hedges in the 70s or 80s in the uk

    I put a pic up on the old yahoo group a long time ago . couldn't find it again

  • Infamous Marlboro Man commercials on tv from the 70's. Cig and chew advertising at every convenience store you go to but not even dust of any snuff advertising in the western U.S..
  • Copenhagen snuff ads in my gun rags... that's about it.
  • @Sand. Even in game rags!? Crazy you will not ever see those in the Washington ones. Your lucky to even see them in any west hunt or fish magazines.
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