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larmorcorp on ebay

I wanted to let everyone know the seller larmorcorp on ebay sells a wide variety of snuff accessories that are pretty cheap. just picked this up for 8.99 U.S.

they also have bullets, grinders, spoons, snuff boxes... you name it, they've got it


  • Thanks for the information, @peacock.
  • yea, that another MrS company and that rococo wooden box is crap.
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • Who was the guy making them a few years back? I still have one of his and it works a treat.
  • Patrick Collins? I think his user name here was onefortheroad or something like that, but that was before the move from dot org
  • It isnt one of Patrick's his boxes all have inlays, that one looks identical to the heartwood boxes.
  • Yeah, sorry. I thought Roderick was asking about Patrick's boxes rather than the one in the pic specifically. I have a heartwood box as a destop snuffbox. The lids aren't secure enough for pocket use
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