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Snuff particle size & snuff making

Okay, I have 8 pounds of various whole leaf tobaccos, a ball mill, sodium carbonate, sea salt, and some mason jars all gathered up to do some snuff making this weekend. I still need to get some sieves. Which sizes are recommended for making snuff? I seem to recall Chef saying that he used a 70 micron sieve for his toasts. Does this sound correct? I saw another thread mentioning a 100 micron sieve. Any advice for a first time blender is appreciated.


  • Molens used 250 and 400. It all depends on what grind you want to achieve
  • The coarseness of grind is completely up to you and your preferences ... 70 microns is VERY fine.

    Also, keep in mind that if you re-hydrate the snuff after grinding / milling that the particles will "swell" producing what looks like a more coarse grind.

    Good luck and have fun! 
  • @skydog What leaf are you using? Been looking into making some, but not real sure which variety to use. Trying to make a toast or scotch. Found some lightly fire cured and dark fire cured. Thinking that is what I need.
  • Thanks for the info, guys. Sieves look to be pretty inexpensive so I will get an assortment from 100 on up to 500.

    @Llo, I purchased a pound each of various Virginia and burley tobaccos from My plan is to dry and grind each into flour so that I can blend them in test batches. I'm learning on the job and information is scarce but luckily the basics seem pretty straight forward, and @Juxtaposer has written a very informative guide that is located in the archives here on As far as toasts, I read that the ingredients for one of the more famous (I want to say F&T HDT. I will confirm) is a combination of fire cured and flue cured with some ground stalks/mid rib of another varietal (Burley?). I've read so much on this recently that it is all mixed up in my head. When I come upon it again I'll update the ingredients.

    My ball mill arrived today from Nuclear Scientific, a webstore suggested on the forums here, and the return address lists Bob Lazar as the sender of the package. For those not informed as much as I about alien conspiracy theory, a certain Bob Lazar gained popularity in the 80s for coming out as a worker at Area 51 and claimed to have reverse-engineered an alien space craft. After a little searching of the interwebs it turns out that Nuclear Scientific is run by the same Bob Lazar as the one of alien fame. Kind of interesting, I thought.
  • I've been looking at Wholeaf also. Thought the dark fired fronto would work. Just grind and sniff would be instant scotch maybe.
  • Scotch is so fine that I assume you would want to sift it first. I hear pantyhose stretched over a can or bowl works well if you are trying it with stuff around the house. If you go for it, let us know the results!
  • A mortar and pestle also does wonders for getting to that extra fine level.  
  • My finest homemade snuffs go through a 120 micron sieve. The coarser ones, which typically get baked like a Snus and then reground, go through a 220.

    Sometimes, I don't even bother. I ground up some pipe tobacco the other day with a pestle and mortar. It's definitely a mixed grind, but surprisingly easy to take.

    You could go even finer than 120, it will just take a while. It takes a few minutes to fully sort a couple of ounces of flour through the 120.
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