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Swisher Now in Stock

MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
edited November 2016 in General
I have some great news.

At great effort and expense - I personally had to drive 14 hours - we now have ALL 20 Swisher brands in stock.

Yes indeed gents/ladies. I am super stoked. It has been many years. I had to buy them retail so apologies for the price, but at least we have them.

We now have:
Checkerberry, Lorillard, Navy Sweet, Navy Plain, Railroad Mills Sweet, Railroad Mills Plain, Ralphs, Buttercup, Dixie Sweet, Honey Bee, Strawberry, Superior, Tops Mild, Tops Sweet, Wild Cherry, Society, Square, Starrs, Three Thistle Sweet and Three Thistle Strong.



  • very nice @MrSnuff!
  • Nice! I'm getting dangerously low on Three Thistles Strong
  • Thank you very much for the valiant effort!  :)

  • Awesome job, Dave!!  I've been dying to try a few of these, like Dixie and Checkerberry.

    Will these ship from US or UK?  Washington State seems to intercept all of my snuff orders originating in the US.  :(
  • Geez I live in the same state as Swisher, and I can't even get some of those. I had thought some of those discontinued.

  • Awesome, Mr Snuff! A lot of those are unavailable for me, so it's time for a snuff order.
  • @cpmcdill I think most of them are discontinued , its just left over stock and I am sure they still have quiet a bit of stock in supply theres just not a big enough demand here in the states anymore for the tobacco stores to keep a full stock , the ones that do stock some only stock the best sellers , I know of stores sending it back to the company for fefunds. G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • How do these compare with white elephant in regards to taking them? I can take WE just fine.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    The store I went to carried none, but were kind enough (!) to order them from the distributor who in turn ordered them from Swisher. It is possible that this is Swisher stock that they are no longer manufacturing, but it left the manufacturer less than 2 weeks ago. I hope Swisher wouldn't be sending out discontinued stock but you never know.

    In any case I have a half used 46 year old tin of Navy Plain which was found behind drywall (plaster and lathe to be accurate) and it is still awesome. It makes me chuckle to think of the plasterer shutting his tin of snuff in behind a wall, looking at his handiwork and realising what he had done. A classic "Oh shit!" moment. 

  • @MrSnuff   You are correct Sir, as I have vintage scotches from the 60's that is still very good snuff , as they are using plastic cans now that seal much better than the old tins did it will keep for years & years if kept in a dry place , if a person finds and old tin can of snuff that has not rusted to bad & puts it in a glass jar it will continue to keep just fine. I bought a bunch of snuff in tins several years ago and put it in glass jars & it is just as good as it was when I bought it.
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • I can get most of these at my local tobacco store & the ones he don't stock he will special order for me if I pay up front. This is great news for those across the pond though.
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • @TigerJackshere, same here. The oldest Scotch I have is some Superior from 1952. Some bottles had pinholes in their caps but they were stored upside down, so carefully removed the top 3/4" and it was fine. Still had great tobacco aroma. Insane for 64 year old snuff
  • JosephJamesJosephJames Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    I wonder if the folks at Swisher are scratching their heads over an uptick in sales? I have bought over a case of Superior from my local grocery store. I buy one can every time I stop in.

    If we include MrSnuff and other domestic buyers, sales have to be up.
  • I seem to recall an old thread, probably from one of the earlier iterations of Snuffhouse, where someone wrote that they contacted a marketing rep from Swisher about what snuffs were still available and how to get them, and after some delay the rep wrote back that he (or she) didn't even know Swisher still made the dry snuffs and it took some calls to find out where it was even being manufactured and shipped out from.

  • i just got my scotches in the mail and they shipped from the U.S. i think. i got an email from someone i dont know with a tracking number. i was wondering what it was. in the package was the scotches and the shipping address was from Chicago. i also ordered some F&T and Dholakia White with it but they were not in the package. I'm guessing i will get another package from mr snuff and it will come from across the pond
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    Usually all the snuffs from America are shipped from USA I've gotten Swisher's,Railroad Mills etc..also Toque USA blends all shipped from USA.Which was a little bit faster if You live in America.The other Blends from UK,etc.. came a week after.
  • What shall I try first..... hmmm.... any suggestions?
  • If you live in the states one of your local tobacco stores should be willing to order some for you at about half the price, although you may have to order a case to get them to do it if they don't already stock it. I know I picked up 3 cans of Honey Bee today at 6 dollars a can & they stock several types of scotches.
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • I tracked down the the local swisher rep a couple of years ago and had him order me a case of Railroad Mills Maccoboy. A old time favorite. By the way I just came back after a couple years away from this site and just read about this EU thing, sad!! So I just placed a order with Dave 154$ but it wont last me. My Viking dark is my fav and I buy it 500 g at a time.Well Happy Snuffing Holidays !!!
  • @TigerJackshere yeah all my snuff comes from online. It is illegal to sell in Austalia. Are all these snuffs dry snuffs?
  • They don't get much drier than American Scotches.
  • The Helme Lorillard and RR Maccoby have some moisture :-B
  • Grabbed a couple, like Checkerberry and Three Thistles, but some of the others were already gone. That's what happens when you don't log into Snuffhouse for a few months, I guess.
  • @nicmizer thank you unfortunately these two are not on MrSnuff at the moment. Can I hydrate these or will they ruin the experience?
  • @Aamon not share about the Lori but think it will for the Macc. Try small amount as test with distilled h2O.
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