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Indian White

I am interested in knowing what Indian White type tobacco you use, when you are more likely to use them and how they rank in your favourite's list. And if you're not a fan, explain why.


  • Never tried one. Too finely ground for me from what I've read. I have a couple of finely ground snuffs which I only use when severely congested, but have no need or inclination to try anything that fine.
  • Yes, this is what is putting most people off, but again, what about most of the Dry Toasts? At the end of the day this is all down to personal preferences, and the problem with Indian White is that you need to get the knack of it if you are to enjoy it. Yes, they can be very challenging. 
  • 41 Photo White Elephant.
    I use it whenever during the day. I will kill a 150 gr can in under a month as well.
  • SmeckmaSmeckma Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    Well, that is the point I am trying to make. That particular one is the most obvious option, but there are other options. 6 Photo Natural, 41 Lilly Natural, Toque R
  • Yeah I'm not into the other ones. Dholakia W is very good but does have a tiny amount of scenting. I like WE because it has no scenting other than naturally occurring ammonia etc.
    Lilly natural is ok but is very mild snuff.
  • In my case it's not a question of knack, just compatibility. The toasts and finer don't work in my face irrespective of technique, believe me I've tried them all, so I just steer clear. Each to their own though, we are all built differently.
  • I like WE, and Dholakia even better.  I've never detected ANY scent in Dholakia White, but have only bought two containers of it.  I know that snuff batches are not identical.
  • I tend to snuff very rarely these days but only keep TWO snuffs on hand anymore.

    One Menthol snuff ( Currently Hedges ) and one White snuff ( Currently White Elephant. )

    If I purchased every snuff that caught my fancy I would probably over do it.
  • I have not tried an Indian White yet. I've only had 6 photo 666 and Dholokia herbal. Out of curiosity, do all Indian snuffs have that outdoor sweaty market fish smell(for the lack of a better description)?
  • I know for sure White Elephant does. After awhile you sort of seek out the smell.
  • I used to be quite into them - Cheetah, WE etc but seemed to develop a sensitivity which had me sneezing and coughing violently so I'm laying off, at least for a little while. A shame cos I really liked them until then.
  • Good batches of Dholakia White are my favorite, but I tend to find there's more variation between batches than there is between brands. Pick a batch at random, and I bet most people couldn't tell blind whether it was WE or DW.

    I guess I've got bragging rights when it comes to obscure white snuffs. I pickedup 50 grams of white snuff in a tea shop in Lhasa, Tibet, when I was there a few years ago. Not as good as the others I've tried, but I keep it in my cupboard as a curiosity.
  • By the way, you mention Toque Rustica. There's no way I'd categorize that as anything like the same animal as a white snuff.
  • agentshagsagentshags Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    I have only tried DW and WE, but I love them. Usually using it all day. The earthy smells are a plus for me. The kick is also a plus. Great for me to use at work also bc very little forward drip and color blends with my skin tone. Don't know which between the two I like better. Have some cheetah in transit. Are there any recommendations for a fella looking to expand a collection of wonderful white snuffs? I also wouldn't really consider Toque Rustica to be in the same ballpark as a white, its aroma is so different.
  • @agentshags, Willie Pete is really the only other readily available one not on your list. It's different enough to be worth a try. I like it as a mixer.
  • @jakartaboy, I think that one is in my package in transit. Fubar is made by Dholakia, correct? I knew WP was a fine dry strong snuff, but I guess I didn't realize it was considered a white
  • Willie Pete = white phosphorus, a napalm like substance used by military forces for purposes I'm blissfully ignorant, but I think it's basically napalm.
  • agentshagsagentshags Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    Well I will anticipate my demise :-) and I will embrace it. Better keep me in your thoughts lol

    I wish there was a wider variety of Indian whites though. I think they may be my favorites
  • If I have WE I don't need anything else. It's like having your favorite brand of cigs, chew or whatever else you can think of. I do enjoy others but for some reason me and WE get along extremely well
  • @orion, me too!
  • ive been snuffing WE for maybe 2 weeks now and i was beginning to think it had no scent at all. last night though i took a big pinch and then bam, i got the flavor and it is wonderful! snuff is strange like that i guess. im gonna order a 150 gram tin with the next order i make
  • edited December 2016 PM
    @agentshags 41 Photo Yellow lily is white, it is not a powerhouse like WE, DW, WP or Cheetah . It is easy to use and is currently in-expensive. comes in 3 options: plain, mint/menthol & scented or perfumed. The menthol is applied with a light hand. Had not tried the perfumed. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman seen you mention that 41p yellow Lilly in another thread. Didn't realize it was a white! Am excited to try!

    Also on another note, had anyone noticed 'sweet' notes in Indian whites like WE or even WP?

    Is it just me or maybe the tobacco has sweet notes?

    I know I just had a crazy thread about floral scents in sp's, maybe it's just my nose?
  • @agentshags, I think WP definitely has a sweet note. Haven't noticed it with the others.
  • I have been trying to find out the ingredients of white elephant. I saw a post where it was stated WE had rhododendron in it. I found this post "The yellow-flowered Rhododendron cinnabarinum is found in the high
    mountains of Sikkim.
    Its smoke is said to have a profound effect on yaks, producing a strong
    inebriation and altering their behavior. It is possible that it also has
    psychoactive effects upon humans.
    In Nepal, the leaves of a Rhododendron species are mixed with tobacco
    (Nicotiana tabacum) for smoking. A snuff is made from the bark of a
    Rhododendron species and tobacco leaves" Has anyone else heard WE has this in it?
  • I haven't read that before but interesting. I would love to know what the hell is in WE as well.
  • I think WE is just tobacco. I don't use it often, but it seems pretty unscented to my nose. I can't imagine it has rhododendron in it, but who knows? I read a lot of stuff online that has to be vetted before it can be believed. 
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