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What other Samuel Gawith snuffs are based on the Kendal Brown tobacco?

Hi all,

I love the Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown.  Love the coarse, moist earthiness.  A long time ago (10 years ago?) I tried their chocolate, and if memory serves, it was made from the same base snuff.  Coarse, moist, earthy, but not so _leathery_ like their black tobaccos.

Is anyone out there with enough experience with their product to tell me which of their other snuffs are built on that same tobacco?  Particularly I think a peppermint would be dreamy --  like, a Kendal Brown but instead of citrusy it's pepperminty.  I imagine it's a great base tobacco for all kinds of flavors though.

I can't get any response by emailing Gawith Hoggarth (who now owns Samuel Gawith) so if there's any collective wisdom out there, I'd love to hear it!


  • Actually I think the chocolate is made with their dark tobacco like Black Coffee, Peppermint dark, Cob Dark ect. It is similar in flavour to the Kendal Brown but darker, earthier and finer grind.

    And Peppermint Dark is a really good snuff, a real earthy peppermint I think its what your looking for.
  • Thanks @n9inchnails.  Do you know if they also have  a plain version of that dark tobacco?  
  • For plain black tobacco, seek out Black Rappee and/or Scotch Black. There's also Silky Dark which is Viking Dark under a different label. For a plain brown, seek out London Brown, Viking Brown, or Thors Hammer. Toque also do a Plain Coarse in bulk bags.

    I have the Plain Coarse, Thors Hammer, and London Brown in bulk as a base for mixing. I use Celtic Talisman, Firedance, and a few others for scenting them, but there's no reason you couldn't use a peppermint snuff.
  • Yeah, I'm currently trying to find a place that sells London Brown and will ship to continental Europe.  ( and seem to be the only places that'll ship, and neither of them carry it.)  Ditto for the Kendal Brown Plain.

    I guess I could order the Viking ones, but they're more expensive than the Sam Gawith ones and, from what I read, kinda the same thing...
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