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Will Sir Walter Scott stay in business?!

Any news if Sir Walter Scott Snuffs will stay in business?!
I'm really worried I love SWS,Toque etc. I'd hate to see them cease. Stupid laws are STUPID!!!! Not fair man sucks


  • Sir Johnny doesn't do business. He just shares his home made snuff with a few personal friends. Occasionally they send him money to help him support his hobby.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    That's exactly right.

  • Sir Johnny is a man of many many talents & has interests in lots of different areas of Country life. Snuff is just one of them & he excels in many areas. A talented Author, renowned Countryman & snuff producer are just a few of the strings to his bow. I wish I had one tenth of his talent & energy!!!!

    As to the future of his marvellous snuff creations ... who knows ???? from what I hear, there is currently no end to them. So fill your boots while you can & just enjoy the pleasure, while it lasts. Look after your SWS snuff your buy "Refrigerate and keep tightly closed after opening".

    All good things come to an end eventually. Let us just hope that that day is a long, long time away.

  • Thanks for replies :-)
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