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Are there any snuffs on the market that smell like a natural Viginia smoke?

AamonAamon Member
edited December 2016 in Types of Snuff
One of my friends is trying to quit cigarettes and move over to snuff, as of quite recently he has really taken to snuff. Although one of his issues is that he still longs for that lovely scent of fresh Virginia smoke. I'm fairly new to snuff myself only making the transition within the past year, so I can relate to his difficulties in switching over. I have tried quite a few snuffs in my short career, though yet to find one that is reminiscent of a Virginia tobacco smoke. There are quite a few smoky ones that I have at the moment or tried, though the closest to what I'm looking for at the moment would be some of the Viking range, though these still don't have the same characteristic scent of smoke.
Any suggestions would really be appreciated.


  • My suggestion would be to find new scent associations. Picking a snuff that directly reminds him of what he is trying to quit, will only make the transition more difficult long term.
  • Fubar Grunt. Most say it smells of an ashtray.
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  • Sternecker Echt Fresko.For me is like opening a pack of cig plus easy to sniff for a beginner!
  • You aren't really going to find a snuff that smells like cigarette smoke, that's just the nature of the product. I'll second the suggestion made by @basement_shaman though. FUBAR Grunt is definitely smokey, but it reminds me more of cigars than cigarettes.

    You stated that you like the Viking line, which ones? The Blonde is mostly, if not all, Virginia. It's not smokey though.

    Have you tried any of the Toque lineup? Toque QUIT was designed to satisfy smokers.

  • I will say Grunt as well, definitely.
  • @Ubiquitous Yeah Ive been loving the Viking range personally, Thors Hammer, Viking Brown, and absolutely Viking Dark. I have not tried Blonde yet though it is on my list. I've tried quite a few Toques, my taste mainly falls into Spanish Gem and Raspberry which I love, and I don't mind Original, Natural and Quit though mainly stick to the first two as daily snuffs. I have been off the cigarettes for about 9-10 months now, though my friend has just decided to quit within the last couple of weeks. I understand the scent of tobacco smoke would be very difficult to reproduce with natural ingredients even artificially, I figured it was worth asking around to find something as similar as I could get. Since I still have a soft spot for the scent of Virginia smoke.
    I will be putting Grunt and Auld Alliance on the list, though Sternecker Echt Fresko is only available in 100g boxes, is this one a Schmalzler?
  • UbiquitousUbiquitous Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    My suggestion is to pick up a pipe if you enjoy smoking Virginia. There are plenty of blends available that are 100% Virginia. Cigarettes typically contain some Burley as well though.

    Also, I don't know if that's a schmalzer. My experience with German snuff is limited to a few from the Bernard lineup.
  • Have him order an assortment of more natural unscented snuffs, my suggestions would be toque quit, maybe a few of the Samuel Gawith Crest varieties or Viking snuffs. Also maybe even pick up some toasts, or just get the "all toast" bundle from Mr.snuff, don't let the dryer finely milled snuffs intimidate him they're actually in my opinion really easy to take once you get the sniffing down and to me it seems like the finely milled snuffs are the only ones i can feel any sort of nicotine from so i think they'd be great for someone trying to switch over from cigarettes, as far a snuff thats going to smell like Virginia tobacco being smoked i think your out of luck, a lot of the toasts and scotches have a nice smokey flavor going on but to me its nothing like tobacco smoke, more like a camp fire type of smell but everything i stated is just in my noses opinion lol everyone picks up different flavors/smells when it comes to snuff taking.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Snuffstore black magic and WOs iht are pretty damn smokey to me.
  • Toque Quit would be a good start. Also from Sam Gawith yellow crest is another one. But there are too many to list. SWS Lundy foot or Havana Toast. And the list goes on
  • As mentioned, American Scotches are smoky but not cigarette smoky. They will provide a good amount of nicotine to help ward off the cigarette cravings. He might also want to give Swedish snus a try, that's what I used to quit the cigs and it was quite effective. Just make sure to get Swedish, not U.S. snus.
  • I'm not much of a smoker, but I seem to recall that natural virginia pipe tobacco had a strangely sweet scent, is that right?  Sam Gawith Irish D Light reminds me of that.  It's a sweet, smokey scent.  
  • no but a lot of the snuffs mentioned might be close enough to be enjoyable and scratch the itch. So if he's not expecting 100 percent these suggestions are great. And Fubar Grunt is a favorite of mine by the way. Even a smokey Virginia snuff won't smell like burning tobacco. Though maybe if you try your hand at making such a snuff you'll eventually break thee engima
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