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Which Snuff Manufactures are Water Based, and which are Paraffin Based?

Are all English Snuffs Water Based? Paraffin does not agree with me or my nose, and would like to catalogue which brands use which base. The English Snuffs I have tried so far have seemed to all be of Water base, though I would like to enter deeper into the snuff world and try some other manufacturers that are not English. Does anybody know which manufactures use which base?


  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    English snuff manufacturers are not allowed to make greased snuffs by law. Those that do make greased snuffs (Indian and German companies) may also do ungreased snuffs as well as greased.

    Therefore with English mills you should not encounter paraffin in any product, and with German and Indian mills, check the description and various reviews for the actual blend/s you are considering.

    I often have problems with menthols and fine grinds, so I have to research new snuffs to make sure they'll work for me. Sometimes I get lazy, and end up buying something that just gets thrown out.
  • i picked up the Schmalzlerfest Bundle from mr snuff. im pretty sure all those are greased. they stop me up a little but they sure are they good
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