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Semois Tobacco

I am sure some of you pipe smokers have seen Tabac Manil. I have not tried it, but it is described as being its own strain of tobacco due to the growing environment.

Has anyone ever tried making snuff with it?

Here is a link about it and the grower.


  • That's a good idea. It is completely uncased, and should mill like a dream. I've smoked it, and find the flavor quite nice. Would be great blended with other tobaccos as well.

  • I grew Semois this year and posted some photos here on the garden thread.

    It's a lot like Burley but with a more pronounced nutty / floral aspect and makes a great smoke or snuff.

    Also, I collected thousands and thousands of seeds if anyone would like to try growing it next year.

  • @Cobguy will it change its flavor being grown in a different place?
  • @JosephJames, location (Terroir) will change the flavor and certainly did for me.  The buddy that gave me the seeds grew the same strain in Maryland and I grew mine in Arizona.  His was more like Tabac Manil's while mine was more subdued in flavor.  Next time I will use a lot more Nitrogen at the start and harvest much earlier.  While it was a decent crop, I will only grow a small amount next season and focus on other Burley and Orientals.

  • @Cobguy PM sent.
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