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Anybody tried smoking or vaporizing snuff?

AamonAamon Member
edited December 2016 in Snufftaking
I only ask since I do not plan to. I was wondering if the naturally scented snuffs taste nice? Like Toque for example


  • Some people sprinkle snuff onto their pipe tobacco.
  • Some people sprinkle snuff onto their pipe tobacco.
  • From what I hear, some people sprinkle snuff on their pipe tobacco. :-\"
    I haven't heard of anyone smoking it by itself or vaporizing it.
  • Yes I've smoked sebsi pipes full of Sternecker Echt Fresco on occasion when I was trying to quit smoking. The fluffy grind and a loosely packed little bowl (the sebsi bowl is tiny, designed for kif smoking) burned just fine and hit the spot. It also helped me use the stuff up as I didn't particularly care for it as a nasal snuff.
  • I do sprinkle it on pipe and it works well. I have also sprinkled some on roll-your-owns and it works too.
  • @SKeG what do you mean exactly by it works, as in it still gives you a nicotine hit or it actually tastes nice as well as the nicotine hit? Are there certain brands and types that work better than others?
  • @Aamon, I mean it gives a nice addition. Try putting some toast or rustica on your pipe and it gives a nice nicotine boost. I am not a really devoted pipe smoker myself so I have not tested this overtly, but if you put some heavily scented snuff in your pipe, the smoke acquires a nice hint. Interesting in a sense, as it might be rather different compared to just sniffing the snuff. In RYO too, but you have to be careful, as fine burning snuff is easily dragged to your mouth. I have just tested the snuffs I have on the spot had in my snuffbox, so I can't really give any recommendations. :)
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