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Chili snuff

Hello, I was wondering about other Chili snuffs. I got some Abraxas dragun in a trade. I really liked the tobacco component of it, but was underwhelmed with the chili side of it. I didn't detect much chili in it. My nose somewhat tingled. I know there are a few different snuffs with chili in them such as Abraxas fire Drac all the way up to Fubar Bohica. I was wondering what other chili snuffs there are and an approximate ranking of mild to the most burn. Thanks.


  • Fubar is off the charts. I watered it down to about 10 percent and still found it unbearable. The Abraxas snuffs use spices as you say, as a note. I mix my Dragon with a little bit of White Elephant to give it a bit more oomph, I guess you could try it with the Fubar.
  • i just put WoS chili chocolate in a new order....i am excited to try it [i love hot peppers]. the rest of my order will be trying for the 1st time most of the F&T line
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    @JakartaBoy I did the same mix I called it "White Dragon" I think it's a good mix and other people should try it at least once if U have those 2 fine snuffs. :)>-
  • @Hawaiian_Ryan: haha! I also call it the White Dragon. Well, I guess it's obvious, really. Got some in my box on the table in front of me.
  • Maybe mix a small bit of Bohican with Dragun and call it "Fire Dragon."
  • Just saying my friend bought this and I took a pinch, accidentally breathed out onto my finger and shot a chuck up into my eyeball, try not to do this its worse than accidentally rubbing chili in your eyes.
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