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Roderick is a master and a genius

I went in with Aamon on the custom Spanish Gem blend he wanted Roderick to make. My share arrived today.

I sat in my car and tried it...oh my goodness this is a very smooth but powerful snuff. Very dark, strong but with little to know burn. I think I detect some Rustica in it.

High nicotine snuffs make my ears ring and this one is doing it. :)

A salute to Roderick for a job well done. Thank you so much for being willing to make a custom blend like this, Roderick.

Now please excuse me while I take another pinch.


  • Nice, I wanted to get some, but didn't want to commit to a large amount.
  • ahaha thanks @JosephJames that is going to make the waiting game just that much harder. What are you trying to do to me :P
  • @Roderick did an excellent job on this snuff. I am glad I went in with you on it.

    I am sending a sample to Uncle Squinty for review. This blend could really take off, I think. If it does, Roderick should name it Aamon's Blend, or something like that :) .

  • What are the differences from the normal?
  • How much did you have to order?
  • JosephJamesJosephJames Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    @CaptShipwreck Aamon specified the blend. Dark, medium grind and more nicotine than a normal Spanish Gem. I detect Rustica in it.

    Minimum order is 400 grams. Aamon can only get 100 grams into Australia, so I bought the remainder.
  • @JosephJames Will you offer up a few samples for hungry noses for new snuff blends? If so can I be first in line?
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    @JosephJames Thanks again buddy for coming in on this order with me. I cannot take too much credit, if any for this snuff. All I did was ask for a more coarse grind than the standard, higher moisture and stronger on the vitamin N than the original, I'm not too sure if I mentioned for it to be a little less musky. Either way the rest of it was up to Lord Roderick :P 
    I am yet to receive my order although if it smells as divine as how it has been described to me, I do like the name "Ambrosia" The snuff of the Gods. In respect to the elusive food or drink of the gods from Greek mythology. I wouldn't think Roderick would want to include a new snuff into the catalogue with the current EU situation although if we could get Roderick to save the recipe, for Custom order only. It would be a real shame to not be able to recreate a fantastic snuff.
  • This is the small review Roderick send me for those interested,  "this is a very easy snuff to take in quite large quantities, so be careful. It has a less musty, sweeter pudding wine (raisins) taste than the traditional SG. It also has high notes of Spanish brandy."  I'm quite excited and counting down the days to finally try this new spin on a an all-time classic snuff.
  • @Aamon ,Roderick has given fair warning. I overdid it and was so nicotine blasted my wife had to drive us around tonight. I haven't been hit by nicotine so hard since I smoked a bowl of 1792 Flake.

    It has low nose burn and is easy to snuff like a schmaltzer, but you can smell the Rustica in it.

    Ambrosia is a great name, btw :)
  • Sounds great. Always wished SG was course. And I love a lot of moisture in snuffs. What does 400 grams cost?
  • It is the same price as any 400 gram economy bag at Toque.
  • So damn stoked, I received my portion of the custom blend late last night. It surpasses all of my expectations of what I have been told about this snuff, and rocketed its way right up to my number 1 snuff after the first pinch. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th pinch and so on just reinforced this sentiment until I had a Nicotine overload and had to lie down. I had been using the standard SG leading up to receiving my order, and its night and day in comparison. 
    I am not getting any of the muskyness of the original with a sweet and delicately balanced combination of scents dancing off one another like a classical music concerto. The grind is fluffy, moist and coarse though it feels silky in the nose, and the Nicotine content is just as satisfying as the beautiful scent. I can smell the raisin scent Roderick describes though it reminds me of the raisiny scent to the organic Virginia tobacco I was given for Xmas, there is also a fig like scent to this snuff with small traces of possibly a hazelnut or a similar ingredient, very complex.
    I do feel alittle selfish enjoying this snuff to myself and hope everyone gets a chance to try this blend sooner rather than later, since it is just divine.
    Thank You @Roderick as stated above you are an absolute genius and the Beethoven to the snuff world, I do not know what you did with this snuff though it is a masterpiece and I will cherish every pinch. Please ease my mind and let me know if you kept this recipe, since its one for the ages.
  • Aaron,
    Thank you for the kind words. I did keep the recipe and a little extra for myself. The reviews have been so positive we might just have another look at this creation for future production.
  • JosephJamesJosephJames Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    @Roderick I am going to mail out some samples from my stash tomorrow for a few of the members. I do hope this joins the lineup of Toque products.

    Like @Aamon, I overdid it a bit. Nicotine is there but this snuffs so easy, one has to be careful.

  • Any way to get some of this stuff?
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    @CaptShipwreck there are only 2 ways to get it right now. The first is to get someone who has some and get some from them. The second is to get a custom order of 400g from Rodrick. If you get another 400g batch, I'm sure there will be some people who would want to get in that order. I'd probably be down for some if someone else wants to go in on a batch. 400g would probably last me a long time.
  • JosephJamesJosephJames Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    I mailed out 4 samples to folks here at snuffhouse. If you like it, perhaps we can convince @Roderick to make it part of the Toque lineup. I expect it would be very popular.

    If you do have to go in on 400 grams, you can split it up like @Aamon and I did. You just let Roderick know how much of it you are buying. I think it is very generous of Roderick to be willing to make custom blends like this.

    If you are one of the people I sent a sample to, please submit your remarks on this snuff once you have tried it.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    I'm down to split down a bulk of that awesome new Spanish Gem.I'm only interested in buying like around 100grams.keep me posted.
    Thanks again. @psicko I'll go in with you for the new version of the Spanish Gem.lmk


    Ryan Orta
  • @Hawaiian_Ryan, I think I would only be able to take about 100g or so as well.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    Ok we gotta find a few more people or work out something.let's give it some time. [-O<
  • @Psicko @Hawaiian_Ryan

    Based on what everyone is saying about this blend, I'd definitely like to try it. I'd go in 100g. 
  • Gadzooks. That custom Spanish gem is good. Mind you I've only had one pinch, but it is good. I have not tried the original one yet, still awaiting my order. I'll definitely get in on b the next buy.

    @MrBrooke, I think we are officially making a list on another thread that has a title of something along the lines of custom order of Spanish Gem.
  • Giving my nose boxcars of this "New Gem" for the third time today. Don't really now what is in it but each time I depict something different each time. Really good stuff! With a generous sample I will definitely have a good list of things I pick up each time I have enjoyed some of it.

    Thank you again @Joseph_James and Roderick!

  • It's a hoot! Fine grind(SG KBS consistency)moist( had to break a few fluffy boulders) sniffs very easily. Subtle date/raisin/"fig filling"? (can't really choose) And a smooth sweetness that tops it off. It doesn't linger very long in the nose (maybe that's why everyone is overdoing it? Lol ). I don't have any SpG for comparison but this is wonderful. Thanks @Aamon for his take on a solid Toque offering and thanks a lot @Joseph_James for sending the generous sample.
    Happy snuffing!
  • edited January 2017 PM

    After watching Uncle Squinty' s review of this snuff and having in mind that I already love Spanish gem but tend to reinforce it with a bit of rustica I think I'm in for a shared order. I can take up to 200g for myself. The only drawback can be that I live in Spain so the postage can be a bit of a problem to the other parts sharing the order.

    Anyone interested?

    Thanks in advance folks!
  • @Wulfensteinsson,
    I'm not sure how the first order was done, but it was done between someone who lived in Australia and the US. I think they might have payed their own shipping. I'll ask the one guy in a pm.
  • JosephJamesJosephJames Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    Yes, we each paid for our own portion and postage. Roderick handled it and it worked out very well.
  • edited January 2017 PM

    Thats perfect, thanks for the clarification. So, I'm in for 200 g if anyone wants to share.

  • AamonAamon Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    It may be easier if we can possibly merge this thread with the other Custom Gem thread to avoid confusion or anybody getting left out. Possibly keep this as a review page and use 
    As the group buy thread, it may help to streamline the group buys. Just a last minute thought :)
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