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Jaxons New Flavours

Just spotted a couple of new snuffs on Jaxon's site, Dukes Brown and Queens Special. DB is listed as an SP type with strong traditional tobacco taste, and QS is listed as cherry and vanilla. Both are listed as fine, but not entirely sure if that refers to the grind or quality.

Anyone tried these yet?


  • 36 views and no replies, I assume I'm the first to have seen them......?
  • Maybe. I've never had any of Jaxons snuff before.
  • Ah, good point! For those who don't know, it's at
  • A tin of each of these new ones arrived in the post yesterday;  Duke's Brown is basically akin to WoS Best Dark.  None the worse for that, I have to say.  Queen's Special is described on the website as having a cherry and vanilla scent.  if those two combine to give a "Parma Violet" scent then that's what you've got - an SP with a violet scent like you'd get from sweets.  I like them both.  Incidentally, on and off the subject, with the new EU regs about names of tobacco products, although on the website, Jaxon's apricot, cherry and raspberry menthol are still advertised with those titles, I've seen them on other site now called "apri cool" "ripple cool" etc.
  • I had the Queens Special, it was very nice, and I usually don't like sweet snuffs.  The box arrived broken so I gave it away, but I would defiantly try it again.

    Did a quick google search and I don't see that Jaxon's has a site, do you have it off hand ?
  • @yisraeldov The site for Jaxons is
  • The queen's sounds nice. I'll have to order a few tins.
  • Got mine the other day. Duke's Brown seems like Viking Dark, or something close. Really good. The Queens...hmm, it reminds of something else, but I can't put my finger on it. Real nice cherry and vanilla, fluffy, slightly moist. Seems like it's a Sam Gawith product. Anyone have thoughts about this? I like all the Jaxon's I've tried so far. The Extra Strong is a dark, slightly coarse menthol with a rather strange additional scent. What is it? It's growing on me...
  • @mrmanos The Queens..... Celtic Talisman?

    ... and are you sure the Duke's is V.Dark not V.Brown?
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