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Bernard Snuffs

My fav Snuff is Fichtennadel. Can anyone recommend a good place to purchase. Mr Snuff seems to be fresh out. Need to be able to receive here in the states. 

Also, this is my favorite snuff followed by Packards Club and then Radford. Any recommendations for a newbie? Haven't been a huge fan of the English snuffs so far, but willing to try again if recommended. Maybe the Poschl Alpina, but hoping for a bit more Vitamin N. 



  • I love every Bernards snuff I've tried thus far, but know of nowhere other than Mr. Snuff to get them. This is why whenever they're in stock I load up.

    I also like Radford, Packards Club, and Poschl Alpina, and while they're a different animal altogether, would recommend Indians like 41P Himtaj Golden and Anarkali. Also Stok Banana and any Kralinger snuff. There's lots out there, but having run the gamut, I find these are the snuffs I try to keep in my personal stock as opposed to trying out new snuffs that are simply another manufacturers take on one I've already tried.
  • Any United States available EU fresh snuff I would be also interested in as a default.
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